Hyatt, George

Birth Name Hyatt, George
Nick Name Hyett
Gramps ID I0419
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4092] 1 August 1821 St Lukes, Middlesex, England  
Death [E4093] 30 August 1892 Dalston, Middlesex, Buried bunhill fields cemetary  
Baptism [E4094] 7 March 1826 Christ Church, Greyfriars, Newgate, London  
Occupation [E4095]   Family Trimming Company Director


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, George [I0369]
Mother Bradbee, Ann [I0316]
    Brother     Hyatt, Francis John [I0378]
    Sister     Hyatt, Julia [I0389]
    Brother     Hyatt, Alfred [I0408]
    Sister     Hyatt, Rebecca [I0412]
         Hyatt, George [I0419]
    Sister     Hyatt, Louisa [I0424]
    Brother     Hyatt, Joseph [I0429]
    Brother     Hyatt, George Nicholas [I1810]
    Sister     Hyatt, Louisa [I2309]


    Family of Hyatt, George and Drew, Emily Margeret Mary [F0165]
Married Wife Drew, Emily Margeret Mary [I0190]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5541] 30 April 1844 St Lukes, Hackney, Middlesex  
  1. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0430]
  2. Hyatt, Louisa [I0454]
  3. Hyatt, George [I0420]
  4. Hyatt, Arthur Charles [I0436]
  5. Hyatt, Harriett [I0438]
  6. Hyatt, William [I0452]
  7. Hyatt, Emily [I0460]


George was Retired by the 1891 census. In his will, his son George was given control of the trimming company, his son Arthur got a China Clock, and William, who was deceased, was bequeathed a property which reverted to his widow Deborah. George Snr. had previously purchased several houses for his children to live in, paying him rent. Some of his children were bequeathed more than one property. George Snr. was a very wealthy man, having previously taken control of the family trimming Company and obtained some contracts with the military for dress uniforms that included the Gold lace trimmings. The rest of the proceeds from this large estate were split equally between the Children, including a dozen properties and a wealth of goods. It was mostly squandered, all the children bar George jnr ignored the trimming company to spend spend spend. Arthur was to later become ostracized from the family after a venture that he invested heavily in, making Cardboard Boxes, was declared bankrupt.

GEORGE HYATT of 27 SHRUBLAND RD DALSTON MIDDLESEX Gentleman who died 30 August 1892 Probate LONDON 29 September to EDWARD HENRY BRAND Cabinet Maker and HENRY WALTER BRADLY Sign Writer. affects Đ3201-18-8d.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485551


  1. Hyatt, George [I0369]
    1. Bradbee, Ann [I0316]
      1. Hyatt, George Nicholas [I1810]
      2. Hyatt, Louisa [I0424]
      3. Hyatt, Louisa [I2309]
      4. Hyatt, George
        1. Drew, Emily Margeret Mary [I0190]
          1. Hyatt, George [I0420]
          2. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0430]
          3. Hyatt, Arthur Charles [I0436]
          4. Hyatt, Harriett [I0438]
          5. Hyatt, William [I0452]
          6. Hyatt, Louisa [I0454]
          7. Hyatt, Emily [I0460]
      5. Hyatt, Julia [I0389]
      6. Hyatt, Alfred [I0408]
      7. Hyatt, Francis John [I0378]
      8. Hyatt, Rebecca [I0412]
      9. Hyatt, Joseph [I0429]