Bradbee, Aaron

Birth Name Bradbee, Aaron
Gramps ID I0260
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2533] 1723 Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, England  
Death [E2534] 1791 Buried at Bunhill Row, London  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Broadby, John [I0080]
Mother Daw, Elizabeth [I0152]
         Bradbee, Aaron [I0260]
    Brother     Bradbee, John [373865614]
    Sister     Bradbee, Unknown [373865999]


    Family of Bradbee, Aaron and West, Sarah [F0121]
Married Wife West, Sarah [I0130]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5396] 29 March 1758 Holy Trinity, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire  
  1. Bradbee, Elizabeth [373777379]
  2. Bradbee, John Michael [373777466]
  3. Bradbee, Sarah [373778033]
  4. Bradbee, Nancy [373778150]
  5. Bradbee, Nicholas [I0264]


1737-1744 Aaron was a Founder guilding apprentice listed to 1780 in the Founders Guild Records (of 4 various spellings on both names), a freedman of City of London. Founders worked with brass to make wrights (Weights), etc. He came from Compton Pauncefort, Somerset. He was a Liveryman for the Founders Company, the Lord Mayor of London is chosen from the ranks of liveryman of the City of Comfanier.

Aaron Bradbee was an apprentice to William Ford on 06 March 1737/8 and claims to have come from Compton Pansford (now Compton Pauncefoot) in the County of Somerset. He claims to be the son of John Bradb(y)ee who was a Yeoman. A Yeoman was typically a small landholding farmer committed to uphold and protect the lord of the manor. It may have meant service to the King (at that time, King George II). There is a church in Compton Pauncefoot called St. Mary the Virgin which is part of the Camelot parishes. It has been determined that Aaron was the second son and that is why he left his home for London. He was married in Yorkshire which is up north and a long trip in his day. He lived in Yorkshire for several years before moving to London and had all but oneof his children in Yorkshire. On 6 May 1745 he was on the Freedom Register "Bradbee Aron apprenticed to William Ford sworn, etc". On 6 may 1745, an extract from Minute Book at a court of Assistants held on Monday 6 May 1745 "Aron Bradbee apprentice to William Ford..were sworn and admitted to the freedom of this Company and paid their fines of 1.16 English each". Actual location in England: Bradbee, Back Road, Murrow, Cambridgeshire.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484572


  1. Broadby, John [I0080]
    1. Daw, Elizabeth [I0152]
      1. Bradbee, John [373865614]
      2. Bradbee, Aaron
        1. West, Sarah [I0130]
          1. Bradbee, Nicholas [I0264]
          2. Bradbee, Elizabeth [373777379]
          3. Bradbee, John Michael [373777466]
          4. Bradbee, Sarah [373778033]
          5. Bradbee, Nancy [373778150]
      3. Bradbee, Unknown [373865999]