Hyat, John

Birth Name Hyat, John
Nick Name Hyatt/Hyet
Gramps ID I0168
Gender male
Age at Death 33 years, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4004] 1715 Shepton Mallet, Somerset  
Death [E4005] 20 January 1748 Castleton, Dorset  
Baptism [E4006] 13 March 1715 Ss Peter and Paul, Shepton Mallet, Somerset  
Occupation [E4007]   Tradesman


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyat, Joseph [I2049]
Mother Rogers, Martha [I2038]
    Sister     Hyat, Virgin [I2069]
    Brother     Hyat, John [I2070]
         Hyat, John [I0168]
    Sister     Hyat, Christian [I0445]
    Brother     Hyat, Edward [I1829]
    Brother     Hyat, Jon [I1838]
    Brother     Hyat, James [I1879]
Stepfather Whiting, Arthur [I2281]
Mother Rogers, Martha [I2038]


    Family of Hyat, John and Guppy, Elizabeth [F0147]
Married Wife Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5529] 5 March 1735 Castleton, Dorset  
  1. Hyatt, Robert Guppy [I0247]
  2. Hyatt, John Guppy [I0242]
  3. Hyatt, Mary Guppy [I0325]


Sherborne parish register of Baptisms, 1731-1739 Transcribed by Shelia Carr:
..[ 1738 FEB 02; Robert Guppy HYETT son of John ]..
and an entry in the book of Castleton Marriages 1716 - 1919 DHC Ref: PE/CAS/RE 1/1 Microfilm MIC/R/455, Transcribed by Shelia Carr:
..[ 1735 Mar 05 John HYATT, Sherborne & Elizabeth GUPPY , Castleton ]..

His Marriage date is uncertain, BMD (Castleton, Dorset, England; Date Range: 1730 - 1757; Film Number: 1279489.) states marriage as 08/02/1735, Castleton parish records differ at 05/03/1735. Both have correct spouse, Elizabeth Guppy. BMD may however be stating date of the Banns.

This John is the one referred to in Paul Cranefields' book as "abandoning his family to travel to the East Indies", a fact also noted by Charles Hyatt, in his Discourse on the Rev. John Hyatt, c1826. As this John was buried in Castleton, Dorset, 1749, this may be spurious information - or it may have been an earlier Hyat?

Place Shepton Mallet
Church Ss Peter and Paul
Baptism Date 13 Mar 1715
Forename John
Sex M
Father Forename Joseph
Mother Forename Martha
Father Surname HYAT
File Number 5238

There is also some doubt of his birth surname, he might not have been a Hyatt by birth :

...[Beyond his (john Hyatt 1767) Grandfather we have no account, and of him all the information we can obtain is, that he was a tradesman of the town of Sherborn, Dorsetshire, which gave birth to his Grandson, and that after some time he left that place and went, it is believed, to the East Indies. He left behind him an only Son, then a child, who was taken under the care of a person in the town and brought up in rather a menial service]....
Written in 1826 by Charles Hyatt,
A discourse on the life of the Rev. John Hyatt 1767-1826.


Sherborne is a very ancient town situated in the W.North west of the County of Dorset, very close to the Somerset border. Sherborne came from the Saxon words 'scir burne' meaning the place of the clear stream . The town became the capital of Wessex and two kings, Ethelbert and Ethelbald were buried in the Abbey there. They were the two elder brothers of Alfred the Great. It was constituted as a cathedral city as early as 705 a.d. Between 1122 and 1139 the abbey was rebuilt, although the church dates from after 1459 when there was a fire. During the Dissolution the abbey was surrendered in 1539 and the church was sold to the inhabitants. It contains many examples of fine architecture and some interesting monuments. During the 19th century there was also a Roman Catholic church and chapels for Union Congregationalist, Wesleyans and Brethren.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485518


  1. Hyat, Joseph [I2049]
    1. Rogers, Martha [I2038]
      1. Hyat, John [I2070]
      2. Hyat, Virgin [I2069]
      3. Hyat, Christian [I0445]
      4. Hyat, Jon [I1838]
      5. Hyat, Edward [I1829]
      6. Hyat, John
        1. Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
          1. Hyatt, John Guppy [I0242]
          2. Hyatt, Robert Guppy [I0247]
          3. Hyatt, Mary Guppy [I0325]
      7. Hyat, James [I1879]