Varder, Daniell

Birth Name Varder, Daniell
Nick Name Varger (Verger?) on parish register
Gramps ID I0066
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0599] 1680 Wellington, Somerset  
Occupation [E0600]   Blacksmith


    Family of Varder, Daniell and Timewell, Amy [F0066]
Married Wife Timewell, Amy [I0169]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5181] 1 March 1703 Wellington, Somerset  
  1. Varder, Daniel [I0181]
  2. Varder, William [I0283]
  3. Varder, Eleanor [I0272]

Varger, Daniell -MARRIED- Amy Timewell, (blacksmith) 01 May 1703

Varder is often Vardy.

William Vardy is the brother of my 3ggrandfather Thomas. William married Mary Buglar Ryme Intrinsica Dorset 1810. They had 8 children. William was awarded the death penalty for burglary at Yetminster this was changed to life sentence and he came to Aust in 1827 on the Marquis of Hastings under Master Drake. He worked in the Gundaroo area NSW. He dec in 1860 in that area. does anyone know anything about him when he was in Aust. He never went back to England to see his family. It is said that he might have had a son here. I do have some details on that.


Thomas and Sarah (Painter) Vardy 1781 their son William who married Louisa Read- they had 8 children my great grand father being alfred Thomas Vardy who came to Aust and married Sussanah Clark they had 12 c hildren . Please contact me Marg Barlow.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483272


    1. Varder, Daniell
      1. Timewell, Amy [I0169]
        1. Varder, Daniel [I0181]
        2. Varder, Eleanor [I0272]
        3. Varder, William [I0283]