Hyatt, Eliza

Birth Name Hyatt, Eliza
Gramps ID I1809
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4470] 1 January 1805 Frome, Somerset  
Baptism [E4471] 7 August 1806 St. Pancras, Middlesex  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, John [I0293]
Mother Westcombe, Elizabeth [I0349]
    Sister     Hyatt, Louisa [I0364]
    Brother     Hyatt, George [I0369]
    Brother     Hyatt, John [I0379]
    Brother     Hyatt, Charles James [I0383]
    Sister     Hyatt, Maria [I0388]
    Brother     Hyatt, William [I0399]
    Brother     Hyatt, Samuel [I0410]
    Brother     Hyatt, Joseph [I1574]
    Brother     Hyatt, Thomas [I1575]
         Hyatt, Eliza [I1809]
    Brother     Hyatt, Unknown [I2068]


London, England, Non-conformist Registers, 1694-1921 > T-Z > Whitefield's Memorial Church. Collection: Dr. William's Library; Nonconformist Registers; Date Range: 1803 - 1807; Film Number: 815951.

In 1841, still unmarried and living with her Brother at 61 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex. She cared for was present at her fathers death there in 1826.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485752


  1. Hyatt, John [I0293]
    1. Westcombe, Elizabeth [I0349]
      1. Hyatt, Maria [I0388]
      2. Hyatt, William [I0399]
      3. Hyatt, Louisa [I0364]
      4. Hyatt, George [I0369]
      5. Hyatt, Thomas [I1575]
      6. Hyatt, Joseph [I1574]
      7. Hyatt, John [I0379]
      8. Hyatt, Charles James [I0383]
      9. Hyatt, Unknown [I2068]
      10. Hyatt, Samuel [I0410]
      11. Hyatt, Eliza