Guppy, Simon

Birth Name Guppy, Simon
Gramps ID I0194
Gender male
Age at Death 49 years, 9 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0747] 1680 Unknown  
Death [E0748] 28 October 1729 Castleton, Dorset  


    Family of Guppy, Simon and Unknown, Mary [F0023]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Mary [I0019]
  1. Guppy, Simon [I0281]
  2. Guppy, Robert [I0276]
  3. Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
  4. Guppy, Mary [I0235]
  5. Guppy, Sarah [I0259]
  6. Guppy, Samuel [I0224]
  7. Guppy, John [I0314]


Castleton Burials 1725 - 1812
DHC Ref: PE/CAS/RE 3/1 & 3/2, Microfilm MIC/R/462

Possible Sibling
1720 JAN-29; Thomas FLAMBIIRD widr. otp & Mary GUPPY otp

Castleton is a parish reconstructed out of the original parish and is now a suburb of Sherborne, all the houses in the parish except 12 were pulled down at the time the railway was constructed, though the church of St Mary Magdalene survived. The population of Sherborne was 5852 in 1861, 6129 in 1871, 5001 in 1891, 7007 in 1931

Addendum: baptism of a Symon Guppie 31 Oct 1641 at Whitchurch to Symon & Elizabeth


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483361


    1. Guppy, Simon
      1. Unknown, Mary [I0019]
        1. Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
        2. Guppy, Samuel [I0224]
        3. Guppy, Mary [I0235]
        4. Guppy, Sarah [I0259]
        5. Guppy, Robert [I0276]
        6. Guppy, Simon [I0281]
        7. Guppy, John [I0314]