Hyatt, Alfred Arthur

Birth Name Hyatt, Alfred Arthur
Gramps ID I0477
Gender male
Age at Death 42 years, 9 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4197] 22 April 1876 Hackney, London, England  
Death [E4198] 25 January 1919 Abney Cemetary, Stoke Newington  
Baptism [E4199] 17 May 1876 Islington St Mary, England  
Occupation [E4200]   Apprentice Family Trimmers, Coachman & Groom


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, George [I0420]
Mother Elliot, Selina Mary [I0176]
    Brother     Hyatt, George Oliver [I0423]
    Sister     Hyatt, Selina Mary [I0433]
    Brother     Hyatt, Philip Wallace [I0441]
    Brother     Hyatt, William Elliot [I0446]
    Brother     Hyatt, Herbert John [I0450]
         Hyatt, Alfred Arthur [I0477]


Alfred lived at 12 Brighton rd. He did not marry.

Alfred served in the RFA, No. 37109, Gunner. He joined up 06/08/1915. He served in France, 03/05/1916 to 12/11/1917 and Italy 13/11/1917 to 27/03/1918. on 26/01/1918 he was slightly wounded in action. In all his travels aboard ships, he was constantly signed on the sick list with sea-sickness! He also had 5 dental visits, and contracted Scabies. Amongst other places, he served in 1918 with an RFA training depot in Jubbulpore, an industrial city of central India to the southeast of Delhi. Alfred quite quickly contracted Malaria, and late in 1918 he had 21 bouts of fever. Apart from the Malaria, his medical report was fine. He was discharged with 20% disability on 22/04/1919.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) is a component of the Naval Service that keeps the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom running around the world. Its main function is to supply the Royal Navy with fuel and supplies. The RFA was first established in 1905 to provide coaling ships for the Navy in an era when the change from sail to coal as the main means of propulsion meant that a network of bases around the world with coaling facilities or a fleet of ships able to supply coal were necessary for a fleet to operate away from its home country. Since the Royal Navy of that era possessed the largest network of bases around the world of any fleet, the RFA at first took a relatively minor role.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485591


  1. Hyatt, George [I0420]
    1. Elliot, Selina Mary [I0176]
      1. Hyatt, George Oliver [I0423]
      2. Hyatt, Selina Mary [I0433]
      3. Hyatt, Alfred Arthur
      4. Hyatt, William Elliot [I0446]
      5. Hyatt, Herbert John [I0450]
      6. Hyatt, Philip Wallace [I0441]