Hyatt, Maria

Birth Name Hyatt, Maria
Nick Name Mary
Gramps ID I0320
Gender female
Age at Death 67 years, 8 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4028] 1802 St. Annes, Blackfriars, London  
Death [E4029] 1 September 1869 Sudbury, Suffolk  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, Charles [I0258]
Mother Edghill, Mary [I0061]
    Sister     Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0288]
    Sister     Hyatt, Mary Anne [I0302]
         Hyatt, Maria [I0320]
    Brother     Hyatt, Charles James [I0324]


    Family of Newbury, George Mann and Hyatt, Maria [F0184]
Married Husband Newbury, George Mann [I0249]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5205] 31 July 1823 St Mary Woolchurch Haw, London  
  1. Newbury, George [371642938]
  2. Newbury, Maria Hyatt [I1657]
  3. Newbury, Charles Hyatt [371643243]
  4. Newbury, Samuel [I1659]
  5. Newbury, Mary Jane [I1697]
  6. Newbury, Emily [I1660]


George and Maria once lived in Sunbury on thames, Middlesex.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485527


  1. Hyatt, Charles [I0258]
    1. Edghill, Mary [I0061]
      1. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0288]
      2. Hyatt, Maria
        1. Newbury, George Mann [I0249]
          1. Newbury, Maria Hyatt [I1657]
          2. Newbury, Samuel [I1659]
          3. Newbury, Emily [I1660]
          4. Newbury, Mary Jane [I1697]
          5. Newbury, George [371642938]
          6. Newbury, Charles Hyatt [371643243]
      3. Hyatt, Charles James [I0324]
      4. Hyatt, Mary Anne [I0302]