Hyatt, Charles

Birth Name Hyatt, Charles
Nick Name Hyett
Gramps ID I0258
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 5 months, 15 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4018] 1775 Sherborne. Dorset England  
Death [E4019] 16 June 1846 Stepney, Middlesex  
Baptism [E4020] 25 January 1775 Sherborne Unity Chapel, Sherborne, Dorset  
Occupation [E4021]   Leather worker, later a Minister


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, John Guppy [I0242]
Mother Chick, Elizabeth [I0140]
         Hyatt, Charles [I0258]
    Brother     Hyatt, John [I0293]
    Brother     Hyatt, James [I0341]
    Sister     Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0343]
    Brother     Hyatt, William [I0348]
    Brother     Hyatt, Robert [I1913]


    Family of Hyatt, Charles and Edghill, Mary [F0071]
Married Wife Edghill, Mary [I0061]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5532] 16 November 1794 St Bartholomew The Less, London, England  
  1. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0288]
  2. Hyatt, Maria [I0320]
  3. Hyatt, Charles James [I0324]
  4. Hyatt, Mary Anne [I0302]


Apprenticed to a Shoemaker as a young man, Charles was introduced to the ministry by his brother Rev. John Hyatt, and later ordained a Minister himself. He then left for London in 1793, after his sister Elizabeth's death, to join the London Tabernacle, Tottenham court Rd. in Blackfriars, London. He continued to work as a shoemaker until 1804, then he was ordained Minister. He started preaching at Angel Chapel, Virginia St, very close to the Tower of London. At that time, he was wealthy enough to preach for no pay. In 1821 a chapel was built for him on Ratcliff Highway, London, The Shadwell Ebeneezer Independent. He preached there until his death in 1846, a wealthy and powerful man. Charles's and Mary's last known home was in 1841 at 14 Hardwick Place, commercial Rd. Mile end (limehouse) Stepney, London.

..."New Chapels. Sept. 25 1821. A new chapel was opened at Ratcliffe Highway, for the use of the church, and congregation, under the pastoral care of Rev.Charles Hyatt; preachers,Rev. Messrs. Clayton, jun., Griffin of Portsea, and Rev. J. Hyatt. More than one-third of its seats are gratuitously appropriated to the poor"...
(The Investigator July 1821 By William Bengo Collyer, Thomas Raffles, James Baldwin Brown).

Will of Reverend Charles Hyatt, Dissenting Minister of Saint Dunstan Stepney, Middlesex 01 July 1846 PROB 11/2039

Listed in the Surman Index:
1821-1846 Ebenezer Chapel, Shadwell Middlesex

...[ In consideration of Đ739. 18. 0d. and assignment of trusteeship, between (a) John Collier of Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn, co. Middlesex, gentleman, The Reverend Charles Hyatt of Turner Street, Commercial Road, co. Middlesex, dissenting minister (devises in trust under will of John Croucher late of Gracechurch Street, London, leather seller); (b) Thomas Allan of Frederick's Place in the Old Jewry, London, gentleman; (c) John Ireland of Billingshurst, gentleman; (d) John Luttman Ellis of Petworth, gentleman, (a) to (c); (b) conveys remainder of Đ1,000 year trusteeship to (d).
Property as in ADD MSS/16,219, except ¡Ł of an acre of meadow conveyed on 23/24 June 1808 to Richard Smart and except cottage in occ. of [ ] Mitchel and a chapel, and the land on which they are erected containing in front of the foot road between Billingshurst Street to Tresfold Farm, 108 feet and in depth from south to north at the west end, 111 feet and at the south end 18 feet, abutting ground of Peter Evershed and Thomas Clear to the north, Ginger's Pond on the east and Ginger Meads on the west. Last mentioned cottage and chapel conveyed 3/4 March by (a) to Joseph Croucher, James Lewes Kennaby, William Penfold the younger, and other upon special trusts.
Recites: (1) 1 March 1799. Demise and mortgage
(2) 16,219/20
(3) 7 March 1823. Will of John Croucher
(4) 17 September 1827. Death of John Croucher
(5) 13 December 1827. The trustees (a), put up the land for sale by auction at the King's Head, Horsham]....


26 Oct 1803
Crime Location: Shoreditch
Original Text:
733. SARAH DANCER was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 22d of October, sixteen pieces of welting leather, value 12s. the property of Charles Hyatt, privately in his shop .

CHARLES HYATT sworn. - I am a leather-cutter, No. 183, Shoreditch: On the evening of the 22d of October, about nine o'clock at night, the prisoner, in company with another woman, came into my shop to purchase some leather; I sent her into the cellar with a little girl, and a candle to light her,
to look out what she wanted; I went into the cellar with another customer myself; she stopped in the cellar with the little girl about two minutes;
I was at the other end of the cellar, and told the little girl to light her up; when she came into the shop, she told the woman with whom she came in, that she wanted to go out to speak to a closer or binder-woman; she told the woman to wait, she would be in again in a minute; when I came up,
she had just returned, she looked out some leather in the shop, had it weighed, and paid for it; she went away; about a quarter of an hour after,
I missed a bundle containing sixteen pieces of welting leather, I suspected the prisoner had got it; I instantly enquired where she lived, went to the watch-house, and laid an information, the officer of the night went with me to the house; I told her, I had missed a bundle of leather, and suspected she had it; she said, she knew nothing of it; I saw some leather lying upon the floor, just behind her, I instantly went to it, and found it was the
property I had missed; the officer then took her into custody; she had been a customer about a fortnight.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. I believe this poor woman has a husband who is a maniac? - A. She has a husband who is deranged, and two children. (The officer produced the leather, which was identified by the prosecutor).

Mr. Alley. Q. This leather was not in your shop, but in the cellar? - A. No, it was not exposed for sale.

Court. Q. Is your cellar a part of your shop? - A. We consider it so, because we keep in it articles for sale as well as articles not for sale; this leather is not manufactured, it is not in a saleable condition.



Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485523


  1. Hyatt, John Guppy [I0242]
    1. Chick, Elizabeth [I0140]
      1. Hyatt, John [I0293]
      2. Hyatt, Robert [I1913]
      3. Hyatt, William [I0348]
      4. Hyatt, James [I0341]
      5. Hyatt, Charles
        1. Edghill, Mary [I0061]
          1. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0288]
          2. Hyatt, Mary Anne [I0302]
          3. Hyatt, Maria [I0320]
          4. Hyatt, Charles James [I0324]
      6. Hyatt, Elizabeth [I0343]