Unknown, Eleanor

Birth Name Unknown, Eleanor
Gramps ID I2051
Gender female


    Family of Hyat, John and Unknown, Eleanor [F0667]
Unknown Partner Hyat, John [I2050]
  1. Hyat, John [I1828]
  2. Hyat, Anne [I1827]
  3. Hyat, Mary [I2062]
  4. Hyat, Joseph [I2049]
  5. Hyat, Samuel [I2063]
  6. Hyat, Unknown [I1601]
  7. Hyat, Mary [I1830]
  8. Hyat, Unknown [I1837]
  9. Hyatt, Sarah [I2065]


Parents of Joseph Hyat B. 1690, as listed on Baptism record 19/04/1690 @ St. Mary the Virgin, Croscombe, Somerset.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484162


    1. Unknown, Eleanor
      1. Hyat, John [I2050]
        1. Hyat, Mary [I2062]
        2. Hyat, Samuel [I2063]
        3. Hyatt, Sarah [I2065]
        4. Hyat, Unknown [I1601]
        5. Hyat, Anne [I1827]
        6. Hyat, John [I1828]
        7. Hyat, Mary [I1830]
        8. Hyat, Unknown [I1837]
        9. Hyat, Joseph [I2049]