Hyat, John

Birth Name Hyat, John
Nick Name jon
Gramps ID I1831
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 11 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2980] 1622 Shepton Mallete, Somersetshire  
Death [E2981] 29 December 1678 Shepton Mallete, Somersetshire, England  
Baptism [E2982] 13 January 1622 Shepton Mallete, Somersetshire  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyat, John [I0085]
Mother Unknown, (Unknown) [I2244]
         Hyat, John [I1831]


    Family of Hyat, John and Unknown, Elory [F0672]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Elory [I1832]
  1. Hyat, Joseph [I1835]
  2. Hyat, Benjamin [I1834]
  3. Hyat, John [I2050]
  4. Hyat, Elizabeth [I1890]


England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
John Hyat
Christening, 13 Jan 1622
parent John Hyat (IGI)

There is another submitted by a user:
John Hyat, christening: 13 March 1621
Shepton Mallet
IGI, database, FamilySearch:
( http://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.2.1/M5Q1-7YY )

Possible burial:
Jon, son of John Hyatt buried 29/12/1678
SS Peter and Paul, Shepton Mallet, Somerset


Father: John Hyat
birth: about 1589
Spouse: Mrs. John Hyat
birth: about 1593
Shepton, Mallett, Soms., Eng.
Child Christened: John Hyat
13 January 1621
IGI, database, FamilySearch


Others in Shepton Mallet:
Baptisms 09 Jul 1615 HYATT John
Baptisms 22 Jul 1621 HYATT Abigail
Baptisms 13 Jan 1621/22 HYAT John
Baptisms 24 Aug 1623 HIAT Thomas


A possible marriage:
Place Shepton Mallet
Church St Peter and Paul
Marriage Date 07 Apr 1656
GroomForename John
GroomSurname HIAT
GroomParish Of This Parish
BrideForename Flere?
BrideSurname COTCH
BrideParish Of This Parish


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484853


  1. Hyat, John [I0085]
    1. Unknown, (Unknown) [I2244]
      1. Hyat, John
        1. Unknown, Elory [I1832]
          1. Hyat, Benjamin [I1834]
          2. Hyat, Joseph [I1835]
          3. Hyat, Elizabeth [I1890]
          4. Hyat, John [I2050]