Hyatt, Philip Andrew

Birth Name Hyatt, Philip Andrew
Gramps ID I0486
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4216] 1920 Kendal  
Death [E4217] 1982    
Occupation [E4218]   Military


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, William Elliot [I0446]
Mother Mullaney, Lilian [I0312]
    Brother     Hyatt, William Alfred [I0458]
    Brother     Hyatt, Terence [I0467]
         Hyatt, Philip Andrew [I0486]
    Brother     Hyatt, Gerald [I0497]
    Brother     Hyatt, Dennis [I0501]


    Family of Hyatt, Philip Andrew and Higgins, Shirley [F0093]
Unknown Partner Higgins, Shirley [I0098]


Emigrated to Australia (Perth) in 1949.
Philip died in Australia in the 1980's and had a wife called Shirley they lived in south coogee


Sapper Philip Andrew Hyatt
Unit : No.3 Troop, 4th Parachute Squadron
Army No. : 5827060
Awards : Military Medal

On the 22nd September 1944, Sapper Hyatt was personally responsible for breaking up a strong attack on 4th Parachute Squadron RE defensive position. The enemy advanced to within 50 yards of the position under heavy small arms fire. Sapper Hyatt jumped out of his slit trench and ran towards the enemy throwing hand grenades, killing three or four Germans. The enemy attack was checked. Sapper Hyatt continued to throw grenades until they withdrew. He was a tremendous example to the rest of the Squadron even when wounded during the withdrawal to the river. He is recommended for an immediate award of the Military Medal.


Regarding the above, from:

Phil Hyatt was one of the early members of the squadron who served through North Africa and Italy. While in Arnhem he earned the Military Medal for his brave actions in stopping a German attack on his section of the perimeter at Sonnenberg. He was later wounded but managed to cross the river to safety during the evacuation. He remained in the Army after the war and served in Palestine in 1945/46 before finally leaving the Army in 1950. He went to Australia to seek his fortune and there he met his Wife Shirley. In 1981 he returned to the UK for a holiday and meet his old comrades and also visit Arnhem where he earned his MM. When he visited the area of Oosterbeek he had found he was struck by both good and sad memories as can be seen in his poetry on this site. He was later in life plagued by the wounds he received at Arnhem that affected his health. Sadly Phil died in August 1982.
In 2012 what appears to be Phil Hyatt's original Military Medal turned up. It was found damaged and missing its ribbon by a lady amongst her grandfathers own medals. A connection was found with the Brighton area where Phil's Mother and the finders Grandfather used to live, though it is not known how the medal was lost. Phil Hyatts name was clearly inscribed along the edge of the medal and as the finder was keen for the Hyatt family to have the medal back, through this web site she was put in touch with Phil's widow in Australia and other family members in Canada. The family decided that Phil's niece in Canada should receive and look after the medal on behalf of the family.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485600


  1. Hyatt, William Elliot [I0446]
    1. Mullaney, Lilian [I0312]
      1. Hyatt, William Alfred [I0458]
      2. Hyatt, Philip Andrew
        1. Higgins, Shirley [I0098]
      3. Hyatt, Dennis [I0501]
      4. Hyatt, Terence [I0467]
      5. Hyatt, Gerald [I0497]