Cashmore, Edna Hilda

Birth Name Cashmore, Edna Hilda
Gramps ID I1290
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cashmore, William [I1247]
Mother Dally, Rosie May [I1248]
    Brother     Cashmore, Frank [I1288]
    Brother     Cashmore, Sidney [I1289]
         Cashmore, Edna Hilda [I1290]
    Sister     Cashmore, Elsie Maud [I1291]
    Brother     Cashmore, Bernard [I1296]
    Sister     Cashmore, Eva [I2066]
Stepfather Collins, William [I2067]
Mother Dally, Rosie May [I1248]


    Family of Wood, Cyril and Cashmore, Edna Hilda [F0713]
Married Husband Wood, Cyril [I0476]


  1. Cashmore, William [I1247]
    1. Dally, Rosie May [I1248]
      1. Cashmore, Sidney [I1289]
      2. Cashmore, Edna Hilda
        1. Wood, Cyril [I0476]
      3. Cashmore, Elsie Maud [I1291]
      4. Cashmore, Eva [I2066]
      5. Cashmore, Bernard [I1296]
      6. Cashmore, Frank [I1288]