Cashmore, Joseph Henry

Birth Name Cashmore, Joseph Henry
Gramps ID 378106930
Gender male
Age at Death 42 years, 11 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3252] 1806 BIRMINGHAM West Midlands England  
Death [E3253] 30 December 1848 BIRMINGHAM West Midlands  
Occupation [E3254]   Firearms Dealer and Manufacturer


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cashmore, Joseph [378110265]
Mother Mother, Unknown [378110266]
    Brother     Cashmore, William [I1233]
    Brother     Cashmore, Paul [I1234]
         Cashmore, Joseph Henry [378106930]


    Family of Cashmore, Joseph Henry and Bevan, Elizabeth Mary [40]
Unknown Partner Bevan, Elizabeth Mary [378106931]
  1. Cashmore, Elizabeth Mary [I1236]
  2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1235]
  3. Cashmore, Henry [I1351]
  4. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
  5. Cashmore, Robert M [I1237]
  6. Cashmore, Isaac Thomas [I1238]
  7. Cashmore, Sarah Ann [I1239]


NOTE that info on his ANCESTORS is a little vague and has yet to be VERIFIED. His family and descendants have been verified with family members and the UK Census. (Listed as Cashman in 1841)

The Cashmores were a major player in the Firearms business in the West Midlands for a long time. Joseph lived at 57 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham.

..."Even 'third division' makers such as Cashmore and Webley & Scott made very good guns and often did so for the trade"...

Paul Cashmore, 1849 - 1865, major producer of revolvers and pistols for different brands. 130 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham.

Patent no. 29615. Filing year 1888.
"Repeating Rifle," Edwin J. Cashmore and William M. Cooper.

..."a fine Birmingham-made pigeon gun with two sets of barrels carrying the inscription Wm Cashmore maker Birmingham"...

..."By 1896, William Mansfield either retired or died, and G. Brazier together with W. Cashmore patented a safety for a hammerless gun. It appears that after 1896, the Brazier family regained control of their family's business"...

Cashmores patent "Nitro" gun used two projections one on each side of the action with maching barrel lumps to produce an extra strong action.This action was capable of handling the very heavy loads in vogue for Wild fowling.
A 1900 Cashmore Catalogue includes glowing reports on the Nitro gun from none other than Annie Oakley and Dr.Carver.

For furter information on Cashmore, I have to find:
"Sidelocks and Boxlocks" by the late Geoffrey Boothroyd.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485029


  1. Cashmore, Joseph [378110265]
    1. Mother, Unknown [378110266]
      1. Cashmore, William [I1233]
      2. Cashmore, Paul [I1234]
      3. Cashmore, Joseph Henry
        1. Bevan, Elizabeth Mary [378106931]
          1. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1235]
          2. Cashmore, Elizabeth Mary [I1236]
          3. Cashmore, Robert M [I1237]
          4. Cashmore, Isaac Thomas [I1238]
          5. Cashmore, Sarah Ann [I1239]
          6. Cashmore, Henry [I1351]
          7. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]