Bevan, Elizabeth Mary

Birth Name Bevan, Elizabeth Mary
Gramps ID 378106931
Gender female
Age at Death 61 years, 7 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0340] 1806 Abbey Salford, Warwickshire  
Death [E0341] 26 August 1867 Hoxton, shoreditch, Middlesex  
Occupation [E0342]   Well known Naturalist & illistrator


    Family of Cashmore, Joseph Henry and Bevan, Elizabeth Mary [40]
Unknown Partner Cashmore, Joseph Henry [378106930]
  1. Cashmore, Elizabeth Mary [I1236]
  2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1235]
  3. Cashmore, Henry [I1351]
  4. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
  5. Cashmore, Robert M [I1237]
  6. Cashmore, Isaac Thomas [I1238]
  7. Cashmore, Sarah Ann [I1239]


Landmarks In Fife And Kinross
a Book Of Drawings
by Elizabeth Bevan
ISBN 0950920517

Furry folk and fairies
By Margery Hart with illustrations by Elizabeth Bevan and Norman Hart.
Published by Alexander MacLehose


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483096


    1. Bevan, Elizabeth Mary
      1. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [378106930]
        1. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1235]
        2. Cashmore, Elizabeth Mary [I1236]
        3. Cashmore, Robert M [I1237]
        4. Cashmore, Isaac Thomas [I1238]
        5. Cashmore, Sarah Ann [I1239]
        6. Cashmore, Henry [I1351]
        7. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]