Drew, Henrietta

Birth Name Drew, Henrietta
Gramps ID 373670354
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3848] 1813 13 Hemlock Court , St Danslas, Middlesex, England  
Baptism [E3849] 25 December 1813 St Clement Danes  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Drew, William [I0028]
Mother Schacht, Elizabeth [I0164]
    Sister     Drew, Emily Margeret Mary [I0190]
    Brother     Drew, William Joseph [I0220]
    Sister     Drew, Elizabeth Amelia Ann [I0222]
    Sister     Drew, Louisa Mary [I0228]
    Brother     Drew, Samuel Ludolph [I0246]
    Sister     Drew, Harriet Elizabeth [I0286]
    Sister     Drew, Emmelina [I1770]
         Drew, Henrietta [373670354]
Father Drew, William [I0028]
Stepmother Newman, Mary [I1767]


    Family of Perkins, Charles Turner and Drew, Henrietta [245]
Unknown Partner Perkins, Charles Turner [373670680]
  1. Perkins, Henrietta [373670749]
  2. Perkins, Emily [373671069]
  3. Perkins, Eliza [373671122]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485413


  1. Drew, William [I0028]
    1. Schacht, Elizabeth [I0164]
      1. Drew, Emmelina [I1770]
      2. Drew, Samuel Ludolph [I0246]
      3. Drew, Henrietta
        1. Perkins, Charles Turner [373670680]
          1. Perkins, Henrietta [373670749]
          2. Perkins, Emily [373671069]
          3. Perkins, Eliza [373671122]
      4. Drew, Harriet Elizabeth [I0286]
      5. Drew, Elizabeth Amelia Ann [I0222]
      6. Drew, Louisa Mary [I0228]
      7. Drew, Emily Margeret Mary [I0190]
      8. Drew, William Joseph [I0220]