Staples, Emily Lilian

Birth Name Staples, Emily Lilian
Gramps ID 378208918
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Staples, Thomas William Henry [378208730]
Mother Russell, Emily Elizabeth [378192105]
    Sister     Staples, Jessie [378208821]
         Staples, Emily Lilian [378208918]
Stepfather Eade, William Montague [378192526]
Mother Russell, Emily Elizabeth [378192105]
    Half-sister     Eade, Rosa [378192781]
    Half-sister     Eade, Ella [378192981]


    Family of Sacto, Stanley A and Staples, Emily Lilian [48]
Unknown Partner Sacto, Stanley A [378208963]


  1. Staples, Thomas William Henry [378208730]
    1. Russell, Emily Elizabeth [378192105]
      1. Staples, Jessie [378208821]
      2. Staples, Emily Lilian
        1. Sacto, Stanley A [378208963]