Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary

Birth Name Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary
Gramps ID I0887
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Armstrong, William [I1058]
Mother Buttle, Annie [I1059]
    Brother     Armstrong, Eric Norman Percival [I1060]
    Brother     Armstrong, Russell Atkinson [I1061]
    Brother     Armstrong, John Samuel [I1062]
    Sister     Armstrong, Annie Roberts [I1063]
    Brother     Armstrong, William Henry [I1064]
    Sister     Armstrong, Margaret Hutchinson [I1065]
         Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary [I0887]


    Family of Chope, Arthur and Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary [F0811]
Unknown Partner Chope, Arthur [I0885]
  1. Chope, Gillian [I0888]
  2. Chope, Roger [I0890]


  1. Armstrong, William [I1058]
    1. Buttle, Annie [I1059]
      1. Armstrong, Eric Norman Percival [I1060]
      2. Armstrong, John Samuel [I1062]
      3. Armstrong, Annie Roberts [I1063]
      4. Armstrong, William Henry [I1064]
      5. Armstrong, Margaret Hutchinson [I1065]
      6. Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary
        1. Chope, Arthur [I0885]
          1. Chope, Gillian [I0888]
          2. Chope, Roger [I0890]
      7. Armstrong, Russell Atkinson [I1061]