Chope, Arthur

Birth Name Chope, Arthur
Gramps ID I0885
Gender male
Age at Death 52 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3570] 1903 Bideford, Devon  
Death [E3571] 1955 Bideford, Devon  
Occupation [E3572]   Draper


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chope, Walter Henry [I0832]
Mother Lock, Grace E [I0867]
    Brother     Chope, Walter F [I0868]
    Brother     Chope, Norman [I0882]
    Sister     Chope, Rebie [I0883]
         Chope, Arthur [I0885]
    Sister     Chope, Amy [I0886]


    Family of Chope, Arthur and Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary [F0811]
Unknown Partner Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary [I0887]
  1. Chope, Gillian [I0888]
  2. Chope, Roger [I0890]


A Draper was a dealer in fabrics and sewing goods, the larger dealers also sold ready-made clothes. The term is still use today. It originally comes from the French "drap-de-Berry", a woollen cloth coming from Berry in France.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485231


  1. Chope, Walter Henry [I0832]
    1. Lock, Grace E [I0867]
      1. Chope, Amy [I0886]
      2. Chope, Rebie [I0883]
      3. Chope, Walter F [I0868]
      4. Chope, Arthur
        1. Armstrong, Esme Molly Mary [I0887]
          1. Chope, Gillian [I0888]
          2. Chope, Roger [I0890]
      5. Chope, Norman [I0882]