Waskett, Arthur Joseph

Birth Name Waskett, Arthur Joseph
Gramps ID I0216
Gender male
Age at Death 66 years, 1 month, 18 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3396] 1860 Leaden Roding, Essex  
Death [E3397] 19 February 1926 17, Ravenstone rd. West Ham, Essex  
Occupation [E3398]   Railway Engine Driver


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Waskett, William [I0064]
Mother Saville, Sarah [I0138]
         Waskett, Arthur Joseph [I0216]
    Brother     Waskett, George [I0237]
    Brother     Waskett, William [I0253]
    Brother     Waskett, James [I0254]
    Brother     Waskett, John [I0277]
    Sister     Waskett, Mary A [376700470]
    Brother     Waskett, Frederic [376700641]


    Family of Waskett, Arthur Joseph and Kelly, Margaret [F0179]
Married Wife Kelly, Margaret [I0218]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5472] 2 September 1882 West Ham, Essex, England  
  1. Waskett, Hilda [I0268]
  2. Waskett, Henry [I0295]
  3. Waskett, John Augustin [I0236]
  4. Waskett, Arthur Joseph [I0287]
  5. Waskett, Mary [I0238]
  6. Waskett, William [I0299]
  7. Waskett, Anne [I0233]
  8. Waskett, Elizabeth [I0315]
  9. Waskett, Agnes [I0307]
  10. Waskett, Margaret [I0331]
  11. Waskett, Angela [I0301]


Arthur was Boarding out aged 19yrs, a Railway Fireman at William St West Ham, Essex. Arthur then later lived at 79 henniker rd. West Ham, Stratford, Essex. By then he was a Train Driver. All four of his sons became apprenticed to the Railway in one way or another, in the district of Forest Gate, West ham.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485116


  1. Waskett, William [I0064]
    1. Saville, Sarah [I0138]
      1. Waskett, John [I0277]
      2. Waskett, James [I0254]
      3. Waskett, George [I0237]
      4. Waskett, William [I0253]
      5. Waskett, Arthur Joseph
        1. Kelly, Margaret [I0218]
          1. Waskett, Anne [I0233]
          2. Waskett, John Augustin [I0236]
          3. Waskett, Mary [I0238]
          4. Waskett, Hilda [I0268]
          5. Waskett, Arthur Joseph [I0287]
          6. Waskett, Henry [I0295]
          7. Waskett, William [I0299]
          8. Waskett, Angela [I0301]
          9. Waskett, Agnes [I0307]
          10. Waskett, Elizabeth [I0315]
          11. Waskett, Margaret [I0331]
      6. Waskett, Mary A [376700470]
      7. Waskett, Frederic [376700641]