Waskett, George

Birth Name Waskett, George
Gramps ID I1932
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1808] 1770 Leaden Roding, Essex  
Baptism [E1809]   Leaden Roding, Essex  


    Family of Waskett, George and Unknown, Mary [F0632]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Mary [I1931]
  1. Waskett, William [I2178]
  2. Waskett, Elizabeth [I2174]
  3. Waskett, Thomas [I1933]
  4. Waskett, Peter [I2180]
  5. Waskett, Mary [I2181]
  6. Waskett, John [I1750]
  7. Waskett, George [I2182]


Extracted from "The history and topography of the county of Essex, comprising its ancient and modern history. A general view of its physical character, productions, agricultural condition, statistics &c. &c" 1831

Author: Wright, Thomas, 1810-1877; Bartlett, W
Volume: 2
Publisher: London : Geo. Virtue

Little Dunmow extends eastward from the larger parish of the same name, and is
bounded south and south-eastward by Barnston and Felsted. In circumference it is
computed to he twelve miles, and is distant from Chelmsford twelve, and from London
forty miles.

Previous to the Conquest, the lands of this parish were in possession of a free-
woman, of a freeman, and of a sochman; and, at the time of the survey, belonged to
Ralph Bapiard, whose son Geofrey was his successor, and the father of William, who
joining the enemies of king Henry the first, was deprived of his barony and large
estates, which were given to Robert, son of Richard Fitz-Gislebert, progenitor of
the ancient earls of Clare, and from whom the noble family of Fitz-Walter descended.

" In memory of Thomas Waskett, of Barnston Hall, yeoman, who died in 1735, aged ninety-two and of his son, Thomas Waskett, of Barnston Hall, who died in 1750, aged sixty-two:
Also, John Waskett, of Barnston Hall, obit 21st June, 1758, aged sixty.
Elizabeth Waskett, wife of the above John, obit 5th August, 1771, aged seventy-five.
Also, John Waskett, son of the above John and Elizabeth, obit 1st March, 1776, aged forty-six."


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484109


    1. Waskett, George
      1. Unknown, Mary [I1931]
        1. Waskett, Thomas [I1933]
        2. Waskett, Elizabeth [I2174]
        3. Waskett, William [I2178]
        4. Waskett, Peter [I2180]
        5. Waskett, Mary [I2181]
        6. Waskett, George [I2182]
        7. Waskett, John [I1750]