Hambleton, Henry James

Birth Name Hambleton, Henry James
Gramps ID I1361
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4972] 25 January 1866 Dame St, Islington, Middlesex  
Death [E4973] 30 January 1937 115 Sandringham rd, Southend-on-sea, Essex  
Occupation [E4974]   Tram Car Conductor


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hambleton, William Edwin [I1373]
Mother Allwright, Jane [I1372]
    Brother     Hambleton, William [I1374]
    Sister     Hambleton, Elizabeth [I1375]
    Sister     Hambleton, Eliza [I1376]
    Sister     Hambleton, Alice [I1377]
         Hambleton, Henry James [I1361]


    Family of Hambleton, Henry James and Wymer, Alice Sarah [F0476]
Married Wife Wymer, Alice Sarah [I1360]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5613] 9 February 1889 St. James Church, Clerkenwell, Middlesex  
  1. Hambleton, Arthur Henry [I1362]
  2. Hambleton, Florence Edith [I0136]
  3. Hambleton, Walter Edwin [I1364]


Known to be resident at 79 Avenell Road Islington 25th September 1894. Census 1901 Resident at 70 Regina Road, Islington. Lived with their daughter and son-in-law in their later years.

Occupation 1881 Printers Boy
Occupation 1889 conductor (Omnibus), @ wedding
Residence 1889 30 Bowling Green Lane @ wedding
Occupation 1891 Omnibus Conductor & Inspector
Residence 1901 80 or 70 Rejina Road, Islington (Census)
Occupation 1901 Bus Conductor (1901 Census)
Occupation 1918 Osguard L.G.O. (London General Omnibus)

Cause of death Chronic Bronchitis & Myocarditis


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633486060


  1. Hambleton, William Edwin [I1373]
    1. Allwright, Jane [I1372]
      1. Hambleton, William [I1374]
      2. Hambleton, Elizabeth [I1375]
      3. Hambleton, Eliza [I1376]
      4. Hambleton, Henry James
        1. Wymer, Alice Sarah [I1360]
          1. Hambleton, Arthur Henry [I1362]
          2. Hambleton, Walter Edwin [I1364]
          3. Hambleton, Florence Edith [I0136]
      5. Hambleton, Alice [I1377]