Glass, Sharon Elizabeth

Birth Name Glass, Sharon Elizabeth
Gramps ID I0474
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Glass, Henry Charles Noel [I0414]
Mother Beazley, Maureen Shelagh [I0396]
    Brother     Glass, Adam Sean [I0432]
    Brother     Glass, Mark Charles Henry [I0435]
         Glass, Sharon Elizabeth [I0474]
Father Glass, Henry Charles Noel [I0414]
Stepmother Gray, Irene Gray [I0004]
    Half-sister     Glass, Nicola [I0443]
    Half-sister     Glass, Amanda [I0461]


    Family of Miles, Nicolas John and Glass, Sharon Elizabeth [F0120]
Married Husband Miles, Nicolas John [I0129]
  1. Miles, Lydia Nathania [I0510]
  2. Miles, Kathryn Nicole [I0515]
  3. Miles, James Charles Sean Owen [I0519]
  4. Miles, Nathaniel George [I0482]


  1. Glass, Henry Charles Noel [I0414]
    1. Beazley, Maureen Shelagh [I0396]
      1. Glass, Adam Sean [I0432]
      2. Glass, Mark Charles Henry [I0435]
      3. Glass, Sharon Elizabeth
        1. Miles, Nicolas John [I0129]
          1. Miles, Nathaniel George [I0482]
          2. Miles, Lydia Nathania [I0510]
          3. Miles, Kathryn Nicole [I0515]
          4. Miles, James Charles Sean Owen [I0519]