Sutherland, James Henry

Birth Name Sutherland, James Henry
Gramps ID I0600
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sutherland, Henry [I0604]
Mother Dunbar, Janet [I0605]
    Brother     Sutherland, Colin [I1532]
    Sister     Sutherland, Maria Campbell [I1533]
    Brother     Sutherland, Donald Maclachlan [I1534]
    Sister     Sutherland, Helen [I1535]
         Sutherland, James Henry [I0600]


    Family of Sutherland, James Henry and Michell, Emma [F0174]
Married Wife Michell, Emma [I0601]
  1. Sutherland, Henry James [375108782]
  2. Sutherland, Margaret [I1968]
  3. Sutherland, Hilda [I0160]


  1. Sutherland, Henry [I0604]
    1. Dunbar, Janet [I0605]
      1. Sutherland, James Henry
        1. Michell, Emma [I0601]
          1. Sutherland, Margaret [I1968]
          2. Sutherland, Henry James [375108782]
          3. Sutherland, Hilda [I0160]
      2. Sutherland, Colin [I1532]
      3. Sutherland, Maria Campbell [I1533]
      4. Sutherland, Donald Maclachlan [I1534]
      5. Sutherland, Helen [I1535]