Hyatt, Stanley Portal

Birth Name Hyatt, Stanley Portal
Gramps ID I0562
Gender male
Age at Death 37 years, 5 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4927] 2 January 1877 Hawthorns, Mt. Ephraim Rd. Streatham, Surrey  
Death [E4928] 30 June 1914 Longton Grove, Sydenham, Kent  
Baptism [E4929] 11 February 1877 St. Leonard, Streatham, Surrey  
Occupation [E4930]   Writer & Adventurer


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hyatt, Robert Russell [I0556]
Mother Portal, Amy [I0557]
    Sister     Hyatt, Nora [I0558]
    Brother     Hyatt, Russell [I0559]
    Brother     Hyatt, Malcolm Portal [I0560]
    Sister     Hyatt, Hilda Marian Portal [I0561]
         Hyatt, Stanley Portal [I0562]
    Sister     Hyatt, Dorothy [I0566]
    Brother     Hyatt, Kenneth [I0567]
    Brother     Hyatt, Amyas Portal [I0568]


    Family of Hyatt, Stanley Portal and Marston, Margaret Annie [F0209]
Married Wife Marston, Margaret Annie [I0563]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5611] 20 June 1908 St Bride, Fleet Street, London City  
    Family of Hyatt, Stanley Portal and key, Charlotte Caroline [F0210]
Married Wife key, Charlotte Caroline [I0564]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5612] 4 May 1914 Newton Abbott  


Stanley was born in the "Hawthorns" family mansion, Streatham. He rejected his family's great wealth (although he took a fair amount with him) to strike out on his own as one of the minor Victorian explorers. He was a great traveller, opening up trade routes across Africa, notably Rhodesia where he used ox carts to supply the trading posts of the great white hunters. He also travelled to Singapore, the Phillipines, China and America. He was involved in several wars, notably as a mercenary and not fighting for anyone in particular. God only knows how many children he left around the world. He returned home to England in his 30's (1905) and started writing Boys stories of his adventures and books about his travels.The books are documented, and some are online. By 1910 he was quite ill as a result of his travels and was addicted to Morphine.

New York Times
July 2, 1914, Thursday :

STANLEY P. HYATT DIES. Author of "Little Brown Brother" Succumbs in London at 37.
Stanley Portal Hyatt, the author, dled on Tuesday at his home in Sydenham, London, England, at the age of 37. He was graduated from Dulwich College. Before he attained his majority he went out to Australia and after working on a sheep ranch in New South Wales, he went to Rhodesia at the time of the rinderpest. He went in for trading, and at the age of 22 was the largest native trader in Mashonaland and always maintained a number of caravans on the road. In addition to his trading he owned large herds of cattle. Hyatt was also employed by the Portuguese at this time to make inroads into the jungle of Mozambique, and on his return found that his cattle business had been destroyed by a new disease, which had wiped out his herds. He then wandered through the East, and when the Philippine war broke out he enlisted in the United States Army and was the only Englishman to serve through the campaign. In 1905 he returned to England and took up literature. After a bitter struggle he was successful with his first novel, and following this he wrote the "Little Brown Brother." dealing with the Philippines, which made him well known in this country (the USA).

'HYATT, Stanley Portal', Who Was Who, A & C Black, 1920 to 2008; online edn, Oxford University Press, Dec 2007
HYATT, Stanley Portal, Born 1877; s of Robert Russell Hyatt, and Amy, d of Richard Brinsley Portal; m Margaret (d 1912), d of J. W. Marston; no c ; died 30 June 1914

Education: Dulwich College, London.

Career: After working as a youngster on a sheep station in NSW, went to Matabeland at the time of the rinderpest; at the age of 22 was the largest native trader in Eastern Mashonaland, also having a number of transport wagons on the road; explored centre part of Mozambique for the Portuguese, returning to find his business ruined through the new cattle disease; drifted about the East for some time; was the only Englishman left who fought through the 1904-1905 campaign in the Philippines; came home in 1905; after a very hard struggle, made a success with his first novel, Marcus Hay

Publications: Marcus Hay; Little Brown Brother; The Marriage of Hilary Carden; Black Sheep; The Law of the Bolo; The Land of Promises; Biffel, a Trek Ox; The Diary of a Soldier of Fortune; The Northward Trek; Off the Main Track

Recreations: Fighting tubercle bacilli, and socialism.

STANLEY PORTAL HYATT of 16 LONGTON GROVE SYDENHAM KENT died 30 June 1914 Administration LONDON 31 March to CHARLOTTE CAROLINE HYATT widow. Effects Đ77-15-0d.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633486033


  1. Hyatt, Robert Russell [I0556]
    1. Portal, Amy [I0557]
      1. Hyatt, Nora [I0558]
      2. Hyatt, Russell [I0559]
      3. Hyatt, Malcolm Portal [I0560]
      4. Hyatt, Hilda Marian Portal [I0561]
      5. Hyatt, Stanley Portal
        1. Marston, Margaret Annie [I0563]
        2. key, Charlotte Caroline [I0564]
      6. Hyatt, Dorothy [I0566]
      7. Hyatt, Kenneth [I0567]
      8. Hyatt, Amyas Portal [I0568]