Waskett, Laura

Birth Name Waskett, Laura
Gramps ID I0359
Gender female
Age at Death 77 years, 1 month, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3466] 3 November 1888 Little Waltham, Essex  
Death [E3467] 1966 Alms Houses, Writtle, Essex  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Waskett, John [I0277]
Mother Wilkinson, Emma [I0068]
    Brother     Waskett, William [I0337]
    Brother     Waskett, John James [I0356]
         Waskett, Laura [I0359]
    Brother     Waskett, Arthur [I1057]
    Sister     Waskett, Elizabeth [I1771]
    Brother     Waskett, James [373951568]
    Sister     Waskett, Alice [373951597]


    Family of Brazier, Samuel Walter and Waskett, Laura [447]
Married Husband Brazier, Samuel Walter [373946812]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5623] 7 October 1914 All Saints Church, Writtle ,Essex  
  1. Brazier, Ethel Rose [373947113]
  2. Brazier, John Arthur [373948819]
  3. Brazier, Cecil Walter [373946842]
  4. Brazier, Mabel Elizabeth [373947238]


There were six alms-houses in Writtle, founded by Sir Thomas Mildmay, they were rebuilt at the end of the last century by William Mildmay, Esq. There are also four almshouses in Baddow-lane.

Almshouses are charitable housing provided to enable people (typically elderly people who can no longer work to earn enough to pay rent) to live in a particular community. They are often targeted at the poor of a locality, at those from certain forms of previous employment, or their widows, and are generally maintained by a charity or the trustees of a bequest.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485154


  1. Waskett, John [I0277]
    1. Wilkinson, Emma [I0068]
      1. Waskett, Elizabeth [I1771]
      2. Waskett, Alice [373951597]
      3. Waskett, James [373951568]
      4. Waskett, John James [I0356]
      5. Waskett, Arthur [I1057]
      6. Waskett, Laura
        1. Brazier, Samuel Walter [373946812]
          1. Brazier, Cecil Walter [373946842]
          2. Brazier, Ethel Rose [373947113]
          3. Brazier, Mabel Elizabeth [373947238]
          4. Brazier, John Arthur [373948819]
      7. Waskett, William [I0337]