Guppy, Simon

Birth Name Guppy, Simon
Gramps ID I0281
Gender male
Age at Death 35 years, 10 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0825] 1711 Castleton, Dorset  
Death [E0826] 26 November 1746    
Baptism [E0827] 24 March 1711    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Guppy, Simon [I0194]
Mother Unknown, Mary [I0019]
    Sister     Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
    Brother     Guppy, Samuel [I0224]
    Sister     Guppy, Mary [I0235]
    Sister     Guppy, Sarah [I0259]
    Brother     Guppy, Robert [I0276]
         Guppy, Simon [I0281]
    Brother     Guppy, John [I0314]


Castleton Burials 1725 - 1812
DHC Ref: PE/CAS/RE 3/1 & 3/2, Microfilm MIC/R/462
From A2A:\A2A_com.xsl&keyword=guppy&properties=0601
From: Willmott family, silkthrowers of Sherborne, Dorset
D/WIL/A6/1/1 - date: 29 Jun 1728
Simon Guppy of Castleton, Dorset innholder
Mary Guppy, widow of Simon Guppy

Assignment of lease by way of mortgage
1. Samuel Hart of Sherborne, Dorset, miller
2. Simon Guppy of Castleton, Dorset innholder
Recites lease of 25 Mar 1728 whereby the properties listed below were leased to Samuel Hart by William, Lord Digby, for 99 years at an annual rent of 40s
Consideration: Đ100
With proviso to repurchase for Đ100 + interest by 28 Dec next
1 to 2: Lease of water grist mill, dwelling house, garden, orchard, barn, backside paddock and land adjoining the mill and barn.
Plot of meadow lying near to the lane leading to Ridouts Mill.
One acre of meadow lying in the upper Moor, lately in the tenure of John Oake deceased.
All the above situated within the homage of Westbury in the Manor of Sherborne, together with appurtenances
Endorsement: Assignment of mortgage
1. Mary Guppy, widow of Simon Guppy
2. Samuel Hart, father of the above Samuel Hart deceased
Consideration: Đ103 15s
1 to 2: Lease of properties as above
29 Mar 1731


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483399


  1. Guppy, Simon [I0194]
    1. Unknown, Mary [I0019]
      1. Guppy, Simon
      2. Guppy, Robert [I0276]
      3. Guppy, Elizabeth [I0219]
      4. Guppy, Mary [I0235]
      5. Guppy, Sarah [I0259]
      6. Guppy, Samuel [I0224]
      7. Guppy, John [I0314]