Howe, William

Birth Name Howe, William
Gramps ID 374235092
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3213] 1867 West Ham, Essex  
Baptism [E3214] 4 August 1872 Holy Trinity, Canning-Town, Essex  
Occupation [E3215]   Errand Boy


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Howe, James [374233980]
Mother Greenland, Emily [374233981]
    Sister     Howe, Emily [374234962]
    Brother     Howe, James Henry [374235040]
         Howe, William [374235092]
    Sister     Howe, Nelly [374235148]
    Sister     Howe, Maud [374235201]
    Sister     Howe, Unnamed [374235360]
    Sister     Howe, Jane Sophia [374235437]
    Sister     Howe, Rosina Katherine [I0008]


    Family of Howe, William and Unknown, Isabella Caroline [F0750]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Isabella Caroline [I2313]
  1. Howe, May B [I2314]
  2. Howe, James W [I2315]
  3. Howe, George H [I2316]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485003


  1. Howe, James [374233980]
    1. Greenland, Emily [374233981]
      1. Howe, Emily [374234962]
      2. Howe, James Henry [374235040]
      3. Howe, William
        1. Unknown, Isabella Caroline [I2313]
          1. Howe, May B [I2314]
          2. Howe, James W [I2315]
          3. Howe, George H [I2316]
      4. Howe, Jane Sophia [374235437]
      5. Howe, Nelly [374235148]
      6. Howe, Maud [374235201]
      7. Howe, Rosina Katherine [I0008]
      8. Howe, Unnamed [374235360]