Cashmore, Joseph Henry

Birth Name Cashmore, Joseph Henry
Gramps ID I1243
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4343] 1862 BIRMINGHAM West Midlands England  
Occupation [E4344]   Actor


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
Mother Vice, Maria [375158631]
    Brother     Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
         Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1243]
    Brother     Cashmore, Albert Edward [I1245]
    Brother     Cashmore, Alfred O [I1246]
    Brother     Cashmore, William [I1247]
    Sister     Cashmore, Sarah [I1249]
    Brother     Cashmore, George Robert Mathias [375158371]


    Family of Cashmore, Joseph Henry and Driver, Sarah Anne [F0446]
Married Wife Driver, Sarah Anne [I1244]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5565] 7 October 1883 Parish Church, West Bromwich  
  1. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1276]
  2. Cashmore, Mary [I1269]
    Family of Cashmore, Joseph Henry and Mother, Unknown [F0447]
Unknown Partner Mother, Unknown [I1271]
  1. Cashmore, Sarah Magdalena [I1274]
  2. Cashmore, John William Garret [I1272]
  3. Cashmore, Arthur [I1273]
  4. Cashmore, Frank [I1275]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485672


  1. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
    1. Vice, Maria [375158631]
      1. Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
      2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry
        1. Driver, Sarah Anne [I1244]
          1. Cashmore, Mary [I1269]
          2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1276]
        2. Mother, Unknown [I1271]
          1. Cashmore, John William Garret [I1272]
          2. Cashmore, Arthur [I1273]
          3. Cashmore, Sarah Magdalena [I1274]
          4. Cashmore, Frank [I1275]
      3. Cashmore, George Robert Mathias [375158371]
      4. Cashmore, Albert Edward [I1245]
      5. Cashmore, Alfred O [I1246]
      6. Cashmore, William [I1247]
      7. Cashmore, Sarah [I1249]