Bradbee, Josephine Lilian

Birth Name Bradbee, Josephine Lilian
Gramps ID 373955406
Gender female
Age at Death 64 years, 4 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3187] 1 September 1911 Jackson, Florida, USA  
Death [E3188] 1976 Orange County, California, USA  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bradbee, George Whiffin [373952507]
Mother Ashman, Carolyn Ellen [373952910]
    Brother     Bradbee, George Ashman [373952959]
    Sister     Bradbee, Amanda Helen [373953319]
    Sister     Bradbee, Evelyn Victoria [373955232]
    Sister     Bradbee, Katherine Alexandra [373955282]
         Bradbee, Josephine Lilian [373955406]
Father Bradbee, George Whiffin [373952507]
Stepmother Birt, Anne Louisa [373952549]
    Half-brother     Bradbee, Albert George James [373952640]
    Half-brother     Bradbee, Edward Daniel [373952826]
    Half-sister     Bradbee, Louisa Elizabeth Victoria [373952869]


    Family of Souder, Charles Lee and Bradbee, Josephine Lilian [278]
Married Husband Souder, Charles Lee [373955441]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5137] 23 February 1937    


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484989


  1. Bradbee, George Whiffin [373952507]
    1. Ashman, Carolyn Ellen [373952910]
      1. Bradbee, George Ashman [373952959]
      2. Bradbee, Amanda Helen [373953319]
      3. Bradbee, Evelyn Victoria [373955232]
      4. Bradbee, Katherine Alexandra [373955282]
      5. Bradbee, Josephine Lilian
        1. Souder, Charles Lee [373955441]