Bean, William

Birth Name Bean, William
Gramps ID 374035738
Gender male
Age at Death about 77 years, 5 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0156] about 1778 Eythorne, Kent  
Death [E0157] 1 June 1855 Eddington, Kent  
Occupation [E0158]   Farrier’s Smith, Employing 3 men


    Family of Bean, William and Terry, Sarah [267]
Married Wife Terry, Sarah [374035739]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5138] 12 July 1798 St. Pauls, Canterbury, Kent  
  1. Bean, Elizabeth [374035934]
  2. Bean, Mary [I0141]


PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause Sidney Smith against George Whiffia Bradbee the younger and others, the creditors of William Bean, late of Eddington, in the parish of Herne, in the county of Kent, Gentleman, who died in or about the month of June, 1855, are, by their Solicitors, on or before
the 26th day of June, 1856, to come in and prove their debts, at the chambers of the Master of (he Rolls, in the Rolls-yard, Chancery-lane, Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Order. Monday, the 30th day of June, 1856, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the said chambers, is appointed
for hearing and adjudicating upon the claims.�ư
Dated this 26th day of May, 1856. The London Gazette 30 may 1856.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633482975


    1. Bean, William
      1. Terry, Sarah [374035739]
        1. Bean, Elizabeth [374035934]
        2. Bean, Mary [I0141]