Lewis, Rees

Birth Name Lewis, Rees
Gramps ID I1436
Gender male
Age at Death -34 years, -3 months, -6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3705] 1863 Islington London England  
Death [E3706] 26 September 1828 Little Bay, New South Wales, Australia  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lewis, Edward [I1431]
Mother Drew, Louisa Mary [I0228]
    Brother     Lewis, Edwin N [I1432]
    Sister     Lewis, Ella [I1433]
    Brother     Lewis, Charles [I1434]
    Sister     Lewis, Kate Adelaide [I1435]
         Lewis, Rees [I1436]
Stepfather White, Robert [I1430]
Mother Drew, Louisa Mary [I0228]


    Family of Lewis, Rees and Jones, Mary [F0503]
Married Wife Jones, Mary [I1438]
  1. Lewis, Rees Charles [I1443]
  2. Lewis, Samuel [I1447]
  3. Lewis, Sarah Ann [I1439]
  4. Lewis, Edward Thomas Matillo [I1440]
  5. Lewis, Louisa Mary [I1441]
  6. Lewis, Eliza [I1442]
  7. Lewis, Ernest John [I1444]
  8. Lewis, Ellen [I1445]
  9. Lewis, Benjamin David [I1446]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485315


  1. Lewis, Edward [I1431]
    1. Drew, Louisa Mary [I0228]
      1. Lewis, Edwin N [I1432]
      2. Lewis, Ella [I1433]
      3. Lewis, Charles [I1434]
      4. Lewis, Kate Adelaide [I1435]
      5. Lewis, Rees
        1. Jones, Mary [I1438]
          1. Lewis, Sarah Ann [I1439]
          2. Lewis, Edward Thomas Matillo [I1440]
          3. Lewis, Louisa Mary [I1441]
          4. Lewis, Eliza [I1442]
          5. Lewis, Rees Charles [I1443]
          6. Lewis, Ernest John [I1444]
          7. Lewis, Ellen [I1445]
          8. Lewis, Benjamin David [I1446]
          9. Lewis, Samuel [I1447]