Chope, Walter Henry

Birth Name Chope, Walter Henry
Gramps ID I0832
Gender male
Age at Death 64 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3559] 1872 BIDEFORD Devon England  
Death [E3560] 1936 Bideford, Devon  
Occupation [E3561]   General Draper


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chope, Walter [I0676]
Mother Redclift, Mary Janet [I0828]
    Brother     Chope, Sidney [I0829]
    Sister     Chope, Louisa [I0830]
    Sister     Chope, Minnie [I0831]
         Chope, Walter Henry [I0832]


    Family of Chope, Walter Henry and Lock, Grace E [F0322]
Unknown Partner Lock, Grace E [I0867]
  1. Chope, Amy [I0886]
  2. Chope, Rebie [I0883]
  3. Chope, Walter F [I0868]
  4. Chope, Arthur [I0885]
  5. Chope, Norman [I0882]


By 1891, Walter is living in Henrietta Square, Marylebone. There are over 30 unrelated persons listed living there, some kind of lodging house? He then left for Los Angeles, USA, around 1890. By age 29yrs he is back in Bideford as a General Draper, Married, and an employer of men...

Walter was the founder of a family Drapers shop, to later become the modern department store, Chopes of Bideford.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485224


  1. Chope, Walter [I0676]
    1. Redclift, Mary Janet [I0828]
      1. Chope, Sidney [I0829]
      2. Chope, Louisa [I0830]
      3. Chope, Minnie [I0831]
      4. Chope, Walter Henry
        1. Lock, Grace E [I0867]
          1. Chope, Walter F [I0868]
          2. Chope, Norman [I0882]
          3. Chope, Rebie [I0883]
          4. Chope, Arthur [I0885]
          5. Chope, Amy [I0886]