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This is a small collection of some of the freeware that I have used both to construct our family history and make my life a little easier as well as some odds and ends that have been recommended to me. Most of it is Win32, so will run on any Windows 32bit (or 64bit) system, but there are a few Linux items here as well. Although there are lots of genealogical programs available, I can recommend all these programs as I have used most of them over a number of years with little trouble.

Most can be downloaded from here, or you can check them out for yourself on the Authors webpage link.

GED TOOLS GENEWEB Personal Ancestral File Genscriber cvbFT Excel database
GenealogyJ PDF2EXE Memoirs2000 Lite YourTree GRAMPS
Simple Family Tree Arbor Vita Genealogica Grafica dynastree Home Edition GEDreporter
Genealogy templates Bygones Legacy Family Tree UK Parish Locator IGI Family Searcher
Relationship Calculator Family Tree Builder Family Tree Legends My Family Tree GEDCOM Validator




File Size : 608 KB   Version : Various   Author : Randy Winch

This is a small selection of very useful GedCom tools, they all run on either a CMD line or 16/32bit windows.

They should be copied to a directory in your path or into the directory where you keep your GEDCOM files :

GEDSplit.exe Windows 32bit program to split any GEDCOM file in useful ways.

Analyze.exe Windows 32bit command line program to display the unconnected individuals in any GEDCOM file.

GEDPlace.exe Allows editting of places in a GEDCOM file.

Addnote.exe Adds a user specified note to each individual in a GEDCOM file.

Addsour.exe Adds a user specified source to each individual in a GEDCOM file.

Gedcaps.exe Changes the capitalization of names and/or places in a GEDCOM file. Can convert to/from uppercase.

GEDLivng.exe runs in a dos box or at the dos prompt, Privatises a GEDCOM file.






File Size : 3.6 MB   Version : 6.07   Author : Daniel de Rauglaudre and others

GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a Web interface that runs from any compatable Web Browser. It can be used off-line or as a Web service. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier Rémy, research Director at INRIA. GeneWeb, free software with GNU license is available for Unix, Windows and Mac (OS X). GeneWebs strong points are the following: Web interface, Dynamic display, Relationship and consanguinity computing, Polyglot, Spelling correction, Nobility titles, Information update and protection, Customization (background color, etc), Gadgets: birthdays, last births, etc. An example: 70,000 persons, Import and export of GEDCOM files

To start with GeneWeb, you first need to execute some commands. The simplest way is to launch the "gwsetup" program. It allows you to execute these commands by using your Web browser. All is explained in the navigation.

The interface is provided by any Web browser: Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc. If you have experience surfing on the Web, you do not need to learn anything new in using GeneWeb: click on the texts, the buttons, fill in the zones, go forward, backward, record the bookmarks, change the sizes of the pages, use one or several pages, etc. You can use GeneWeb in either of two ways:

* On A Stand-Alone Computer : You can run the program without being connected to the Internet or a network. You just need a browser (but, generally speaking, most computers today come with one, so you need no special installation).

* Internet Connection: Whether by means of a modem, or a direct hookup by a cable or DSL connection, you can set up a link to your GeneWeb database on your homepage, if you so desire to share it with others.

**NOTE my download is for Win32, there are MacOSX and several Linux .debs on the homepage...






File Size : 1.56 MB    Version : 1.0    Author : Jeffrey Beery

PDF2EXE was a Win32 FREEWARE program to quickly convert PDF to EXE, making PDF readable on any computer without Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software installed. The conversion from PDF to EXE preserves the look and feel of the original document. Features: Compress, encrypt PDF document, Set password for the converted EXE file, Disable conversion from PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT, Disable printing of PDF file, Launch slide show after initialization, Disable conversion from EXE to image formats, Disable document properties, Prevent generated EXE from modification.

With PDF2EXE, you can distribute your Adobe PDF files to your friends, family and customers, and share PDF documents with your friends without worrying about whether they can read it or not. PDF2EXE users can have more control over PDF files. No Distribution Royalties for the generated EXE files.

**NOTE This is no longer freeware, having become shareware. The download here is the last freeware version.





   Memoirs2000 Lite

File Size : 1.39 MB    Version : Lite    Author :

Are you looking for a comprehensive tool to index and keep your text-based information? Have you private text-based data or do you want to disable access to your text files? Would you like to be able to look over a vast amount of tree-organized information and find any string immediately? If you answered YES then this is for you.

Memoirs2000 Lite lets you store and arrange all your text-based information in in a tree form. The possibilities for its use are practically endless. to-do lists, family stories, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, histories and more. Also M2P can be used as your personal diary or personal information manager, because this programme has a very flexible document structure, so every folder can be represented in the tree, calendar or in a mini-document form. A Program icon is placed in the tray and can be instantly activated using one mouse click.

**NOTE This is no longer available for download from the homepage, although the details are still on there. The download here is the last freeware version.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Memoirs2000 Lite Memoirs2000 Lite WEBPAGE




   Personal Ancestral File

File Size : 10.01 MB    Version : 5.2 (last)    Author : IGI (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

PAF is a free desktop genealogy and family history program for Windows. It allows you to quickly and easily collect, organize and share your family history and genealogy information.

Personal Ancestral File allows users to enter names, dates, citations and source information into a database, and then to sort and search the genealogical data, print forms and charts, and share files with others in GEDCOM format. PAF can also link images and other media files to individual records, and handles Unicode. One of the most important features in this application is its ease of use. The interface is well-organized and simple. The application organizes your information on different reports like pedigree charts, family group records, descendants charts, individual summaries, calendars and other custom reports. It permits you to create and store an ancestral database with individual data entering for each ancestor with demographic information, notes, references and pictures. Having said this, you must type each person's information (a long job) and only then does it allow you to link individuals or families and display each person in the relationships you request.

Personal Ancestral File will allow the beginner, weekend and professional genealogist to accomplish their research in an organized, efficient manner. However, higher ranked products will take your reports a step further; you can produce twice as many reports in other programs compared to those offered by Personal Ancestral File.

**NOTE As of July 15th 2013 this is no longer available for download or supported from the IGI homepage. The download here is the last freeware version.






File Size : 3.3 mb   Version : 2.0   Author : Les Hardy

GenScriber is a desktop application, designed for transcribing genealogy documents from images of census registers, church/parish records etc. The interface is comprised of several resizable windows within a single main window. A register image can be viewed in the top window while data is input in the bottom window.

No installation is required. Just unzip, set permissions and run it. You can even run it from a USB pendrive.

The data input area uses a spreadsheet style grid. Do not be deceived by the style. GenScriber is not a spreadsheet. GenScriber is a stable, non-volatile data input application, designed for a specific purpose. The problems associated with using spreadsheets for genealogical data input are well known, and they do not apply here.

All cell inputs are alphanumeric. No assumptions are made about the data type. Dates and values are not automatically modified to some alien value you didn't want. By default all data input will remain exactly as you entered it. Dates, values and special characters, (like slash, commas and quotes) can all be entered. GenScriber will always treat them as text input.

You can use the extended options or built in scripting language to apply special actions to data cells, but even that is limited, and is only active if the user turns it on. Data files are always csv, and fully transportable to any system. GenScriber will automatically read csv files with field separators of comma, semicolon, or tab.

Images files may be jpg, png, bmp, tif or gif. Images may be zoomed and rotated.

Import/Export for FreeBmd, FreeReg and FreeCen header formats.

GenScriber is free for private and non-commercial use.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD GenScriber Win 32/64 DOWNLOAD GenScriber (Linux) GenApps WEBPAGE




   Your Tree

File Size : 96 KB   Version : 2.2   Author : Z5Com Pty Ltd

YourTree is a generic Win32 freeware text tree view tool. This is a simple interface to manipulate textfields into order, it supports any number of data fields, text notes, attached files and hyperlinks. YourTree can be used to construct any of these:

Family trees

Directories trees

Brainstorming diagrams

TQM Cause and effect diagrams

Macro plans

Hierarchical decomposition diagrams

**Note: this software needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1+ and is no longer available on the authors homepage.





   cvbFT Excel Database

File Size : 731 KB   Version : 3.04   Author : Charlie Bishop

cvbFT is a simple to use application for the recording and viewing of information relating to family history. It makes the information readable in a way that allows error correcting easy and the web page creator is second to none. It was developed by Charlie Bishop for his own personal use, but is freely available to anyone else who wishes to make use of its features. I liked this a lot and would have used it to build this website, I only stopped using it when I converted to Linux over Windows. In my opinion It is probably the best family tree program listed here.

cvbFT supports a range of facilities to allow the creation, display and export of a family tree, including:

Adding and editing individuals, specifying parents.

Recording partners and marriage details.

Recording life events eg. Baptism, Occupations.

Recording sources for items of information.

Linking of digital photos, documents and multimedia.

Displaying data as a family tree and diagrams of ancestors and descendants.

Importing and exporting GEDCOM files.

Creating files for use on a web site.

cvbFT is built on Microsoft Excel so has has no specific system requirements other than MS Excel being installed. It was originally developed on MS Excel 2003 running on Windows XP and has been run successfully on SOME later versions of Excel and Windows. Using it on other versions may produce strange results...

**Note: Please download the release that is appropriate for the versions of Excel and Windows that you are using:

Version 4.01 (Excel 2007 on Windows 7) -OR- Version 3.04 (Excel 2003 on XP, Vista or 7 and Excel 2007 on XP or Vista)






File Size : 13.8 MB   Version : 3   Author : Nils Meier

GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data that will run on any OS with Java. It is suitable for hobbyist, family historian and genealogy researchers. GenJ supports the Gedcom standard and offers family tree, table, timeline views and more. GenJ is written in 100% pure Java. It can easily be translated to other languages.

I use this rather a lot and find it very simple for editing my GED files on the fly.

The power of GenealogyJ is that it allows Gedcom nested information to be edited in its hierarchical form. All defined properties are treated in a way that offers specific input for editing - no need to look at the text-file. Since GenJ knows about properties which reference entities, it handles the referential integrity and allows for easy construction of relationships (like adding a child to a parent or adding a spouse to an individual).

GenJ knows about the Gedcom standard and will suggest sub-properties to add to properties if desired.

**Note: this software needs Java Virtual Machine version 1.4 or higher






File Size : varies   Version : varies   Author : Open Source Community Project

GRAMPS is a genealogy program for Linux and other UNIX-like systems. It helps you track your family tree by allowing you to store, edit, and research genealogical data via GEDCOM files. It is the program that I used to create this website (with a little hand written HTML of my own).

GRAMPS is a Free Software Project for Genealogy, offering a professional genealogy program, and a wiki open to all. It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists. GRAMPS currently runs on Linux, MAC OS X, and Windows. Guides for installation on BSD and Solaris are available.

Addons: Extend your installed GRAMPS with third-party plugins to add additional functions. Includes many additional Filters, Tools, Reports, Views, Web Pages, and Gramplets.

**Note: Requires Python 2.6.x or later (at time of writing this GRAMPS had not yet been ported to Python 3.x), GTK runtime, GTK python bindings (PyGTK, PyGObject, PyCario).

**Note: The download is from the open source project website as it is continually being updated.





   Simple Family Tree

File Size : 242 kb   Version : 1.32   Author : Doug Cox

Simple Family Tree enables you to create, edit, and view a family tree quickly and easily. It displays ancestors and descendants of any selected individual.

You can add New Individuals, Spouse, Child, Father, or Mother.

You can enter notes, events, a second name, and marriage details.

It reads and writes files in Gedcom format.

I used this quite a lot until my own Gedcom file became so big that the program became too slow. I reckon it's ok up to around a thousand names, after that it got a bit too slow to be useful. It's a lovely little program, no bells and whistles but it does it's job very well if a little limited.

A nice lightweight family tree program, I still use it for descendant branches to get a good look at side issues.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Simple Family Tree Doug Cox WEBPAGE




   Arbor Vita

File Size : 52 KB   Version : Free   Author : Unknown

Arbor Vita is a Win32 Java freeware that lets you display your genealogy tree on the web by generating HTML pages. Unlike many other softwares of this kind, it displays genealogy trees graphically and minimizes the number of pages generated by generating one page for all individuals in the same family. You have the choice of generating these HTML pages as files once for all, or let the java applet generate them on-the-fly while the user browses the pages. Another particularity is that it is configurable enough to let you generate your pages in the language of your choice.

Each family page contains the vital stats of the two parents and all children, and the descendants and ascendants tree of both parents.

All pages are linked together through their last name: ascending link for parents, descending link for children.

Color coded sex and family relationship for individuals (blue for boys, pink for girls, white for in-laws).

5 indices available in each page header: list of families or individuals sorted by first names, last names, birth dates and birthdays.

Pages are pure HTML, they can be saved, e-mailed, printed, etc...

Pages can be generated as files to upload to your site, or can be generated on-the-fly by your browser.

Only the pages containing changes since the last file generation are generated.

Configurable language and layout used by the HTML page





   Genealogica Grafica

File Size : 2 MB   Version : 1.13   Author : Tom de Neef

This is the successor to Kstableau, a great little Gedcom to HTML generator. Made for DOS/Win32, this can make an ancestor or descendants chart for web publishing and produce an elegant web-style genealogical text in your own language. Link charts with text and publish it on the web. Such a chart is a great way to visualise your family tree. You can also use it to analyse kinship (inbreeding, pedigree loss, etc.). Superb results from such a small program and easy to produce from a gedcom file.

Run the program, select the gedcom file and the language for the text bits. Choose the kind of chart you want to generate and go. You will be prompted to select the proband or kinship members. The program will assume default values for all parameters. Change the way names are shown by right-clicking them or switch back to the program to tune colours, box-sizes, etc. by altering some of the parameters. View the results and continue in this way until you're satisfied. View someones close relatives by double-clicking on his name. Click HTML for web-type output and inspect it in the integrated browser. The output files will be stored in the directory where it found the gedcom file. The tableau appears in the top frame, the bottom frame contains the text references......

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Genealogica Grafica Genealogica Grafica WEBPAGE




   Dynastree Home Edition

File Size : 5.5 MB   Version : 1.0.5   Author : Dirk Böttcher

Dynastree Home Edition is a basic windowed family tree program for Windows. It's best feature is the simple entry of data into a dialog window. The results can be saved in different lists (HTML, DOC, RTF) and images (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF). It supports GEDCOM import and CSV-Files as well as export to GEDCOM, XML and CSV. The entire family database can be searched with a full-text search and a print preview of all dialogs is available.

Build your family tree on your PC.

Backup and edit your family tree.

Share your family tree with your family at any time - on your PC or online on

It has a print option, but I never got it to work. The website for sharing is very strange, I did not use it. Although this claimed a lot it was actually rather sparse in functionality, really a beginners program with nothing more than basic tree structure and storage of data.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD dynastree dynastree WEBPAGE





File Size : 5 MB   Version : 1.1.2   Author : Douglas McMartin

GedReporter is an easy to use tool that allows you to generate custom reports on information in a genealogy database. This will be a report that contains data in a chart or a list. Most people are already familiar with many types of genealogy reports--pedigree charts, family group charts, ahnentafel charts, etc.

Most genealogy programs already have the ability to create these reports. Because of this, GedReporter is primarily used as a supplement to your current genealogy tools. It could be used for database maintenance, such as listing people who missing source citations, or for generating complete web sites.

The reports are generated by running scripts that manipulate data imported from a GEDCOM file. The scripting language is a subset of Visual Basic and VBScript. This was chosen because Visual Basic has such a large user base, so many people would not have to learn a whole new language.

**Note: The authour requests an email address to register. It is not needed to download and use the program, but visit his pages anyway out of courtesy please.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD GedReporter GedReporter WEBPAGE




   Genealogical form templates

File Size : 130 kb to 3 Mb   Version : Free   Author : Various

If you have a spreadsheet program or your word processor has a Tables feature, genealogy forms can be produced easily with these templates. Print them as blanks to fill in with a pen, or type the info directly into the form. They can be customized to suit special tastes, such as changing the labels to another language or changing the color or style of the text. These genealogy form templates are FREE for your personal genealogical use. There are versions for Win32 and MacOSX.

The pedigree chart starts with a person and charts the parents and each successive generation of grandparents. It commonly includes birth, death, and marriage dates. These charts list either 5 or 6 generations. The 6-generation chart requires your printer to reduce the file to about 64%, which any Macintosh can do in the Page Setup. Many Windows machines probably have reduction capability as well, check your printer driver.

The family group sheet records an individual, the spouse, parents, and children. Typically this sheet will also include occupations, cause of death, names of other spouses, and other pertinent information about the family. These Family Group sheets have space for 6 children on the first page. The optional second page has space for more children and notes.

I also include a few PDF templates here from, Inc that are rather good. There is: A PDF Family Tree Chart, Research Calendar, Family Tree Research Extract, Correspondence Record, Family Group Sheet and a nice Source Summary chart.

Loads more, over 150 different coloured and plain Ahnentafel forms that I've collected and used over the years HERE. All in PDF, A3, A4, portrait and lanscape, borders, scrollwork, shields, books, forms and posters both plain and parchment coloured all for printing. You can pre-fill info on your PC or hand write for display. A collection of over 270MB in all.






File Size : 4.5 MB   Version : 9d   Author : Troy Adair

Bygones is a genealogical note-keeping system in computer database form for genealogists with laptop or desktop computers. You can record your genealogical research notes on your computer as you do your family history research. In addition to the Research database for entering research notes, Bygones also has databases which may be used for related purposes, such as creating an "index" of the information in your research notes, keeping track of genealogical correspondence and correspondents, creating time lines for your families, creating to do lists of pending research tasks, entering information on sources that are important for your family history research, entering information on the localities you do research in, entering spelling variations and soundex codes for your surnames, and for entering scanned maps, scanned family pictures, and scanned documents.

Bygones does not replace your lineage-linked genealogy program (Legacy, Family Origins, PAF, The Master Genealogist, Generations, Reunion, Ancestral Quest, Brother’s Keeper, Ultimate Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, etc.); rather it is meant to be used in conjunction with your lineage-linked genealogy program. It does replace paper-only genealogical note keeping forms, such as paper research logs and research extracts, correspondence logs, etc. with computer versions of these forms (which can be printed out for your paper files).

**Note: Download here is Win32, there are also two Mac versions, OS8/9 and OSX on the homepage.





   Legacy Family Tree

File Size : 67 MB   Version : Free   Author : Millennia Corp   Free serial number: legacy7 -or- legacy8

Quote: "...Legacy Family Tree is your complete family history solution. Together you and Legacy are going to make history... or more precisely, you are going to preserve history...your history, your origins, where you came from, how you got where you are today. And your children and their children and grandchildren are going to more fully appreciate their heritage and the great importance of "family." Legacy will set you free. Free to collect and record everything you can get your hands on concerning your family. You'll be thrilled at how easy it is, and all your family will be really impressed at how you have organized all that information and produced all those wonderful reports... You're going to end up looking really good! The feature-rich Legacy makes it easy to preserve your genealogical information. Family trees containing millions of people can be recorded, displayed and reported in a variety of styles and formats. Legacy includes all standard genealogical reports, as well as calendars, timelines, questionnaires, research logs and a multitude of blank forms and more."....

This is a slightly less flexible version of an expensive commercial software, the only real restriction in this version is that the web search is unavailable, but google is your friend. It should meet the needs of all but the most extensive researcher - I would recommend it for personal family use only as I despise commercially bloated software...

**Note: Bypassing a rather silly email registration and passwording process, the install password is:

legacy7 -or- legacy8

(make sure you enter the password in all lower case).

   INDEX DOWNLOAD legacy v7 DOWNLOAD legacy v8 Legacy Family Tree WEBPAGE




   UK Parish Locator

File Size : 665 KB   Version : 31.15   Author : D. M Barratt

This is a Win32 UK Parish Locator program based on a database originally created by Gerald Lawson. It enables you to locate any one of over 15,000 UK parishes. It will produce a list of parishes in any County or a list of parishes within a given radius of any other parish and also allows Import and Export via csv files. It will run on any 32bit or 64 bit Windows and most Linux distros under Wine.

It is possible to plot the location of parishes to either the screen or the printer. This version also includes a number of corrections to errors found by users. Users of versions earlier than 1.7 should note that the eastings have all been reduced so that they should now agree with the OS maps.

The parishes listed were those in existence at some during the period from the mid 1500s to about 1837 when civil registration started.

**Note: Download here is Win32 executable or a CSV version included that will open in any spreadsheet program.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD ParLoc for Windows DOWNLOAD ParLoc CSV file ParLoc WEBPAGE




   Family Searcher

File Size : 3.1 MB   Version : 2.2   Author : Kevin Owen

FamilySearcher is a windows program that can read your GEDCOM file and display a list of all names contained in the file in a spreadsheet format in your browser with clickable links. Using the simple point-and-click it is possible to search the Internet IGI (International Genealogical Index) and the other resources at the LDS FamilySearch web site for any matching entries.

This program requires an Internet connected PC and a copy of Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.

FamilySearcher is capable of searching 10 Genealogical web sites, the Family History Library Catalog and looking for possible matching pages using several different Internet Search Engines.

Genealogy Web Sites:,,,,,,,, and

Internet Search Engines:,,, and

A full PDF file for help and instructions is included, but check the homepage for troubleshooting. This was not the easiest thing to get working but once it was I used it a lot. On checking for a newer version I note the homepage is now offline, so WYSIWYG.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD FamilySearcher FamilySearcher WEBPAGE




   Relationship Calculator

File Size : 926 kb   Version : 2.2   Author : Les Hardy

A simple stand alone relationship calculator.

Sometimes, it's handy to know how to describe your family relationships more exactly, but calculating the relationship between two people can be confusing. If like us, you get lost after the first cousin, then this application should help you out.

It runs anywhere. No need to install. Just unzip it somewhere and run it.

The Relationship Calculator is free for private and non-commercial use.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Relationship Calculator Relationship Calculator WEBPAGE




   Family Tree Builder

File Size : 37 MB   Version :   Author :

A free genealogical tool that helps you map out your family history using a variety of resources including GEDCOM. I have not used it much, I found it too limited for my uses.

Publisher's Description, from MyHeritage: Family Tree Builder is a brand new, free, and original program for amateur and professional genealogy fans. Packing the most innovative features developed for genealogy in the past decade, such as Face Recognition Technology, Visual Data Entry, Immersive 3D Trees, and Online Family Tree Publishing, it is highly intuitive and a pleasure to use. Create your family tree easily or import GEDCOM, print great charts and reports. Family Tree Builder supports 12 languages.

In my opinion this program is easy to navigate, the project is easy to use and the basic version is great for 250 family members. If, however, you want to sync more than 250 people you need to pay. To be honest, it also annoyingly nags you for subscription sign up and there are many features disabled in the basic free version (which is clearly offered as a tempter for the full pay package), but having said that it's still a good, if basic, free product.

The program's setup wizard requires registering for the free online database and publishing services, but it's quick and unobtrusive, and much of the information is optional. Its Immersive 3D Trees give it an up-to-date look and feel. Like many such tools, it uses wizards for adding family members and other data.

For any 32bit Windows System.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Family Tree Builder Family Tree Builder WEBPAGE




   Family Tree Legends

File Size : 17 MB   Version :   Author : Pearl Street Software   Free serial number: 1A752-42184-B74A3-AD752

Publisher's Description from Pearl Street Software: Family Tree Legends is a powerful and sophisticated genealogy program designed to make it easy for you to collect, display, and organize information about your family history. Whether it's notes, medical facts, pictures, or multimedia files, Family Tree Legends provides you with a single tool to capture every bit of information about the history of your family. There is an extensive Features List: SmartMatching, Intelligent Results, GEDCOM Import/Export/Merge, Family Tree Maker® Import, an unlimited number of facts & events, Index of Individuals, Chart Templates, Over 40 Different Reports, Instantly publish your report, Export - Save your report in RTF, PDF, or HTML file format, or view directly in your word processor., Real-Time Internet Backup & Publishing, Full Source Documentation, Master Source & Repository Lists, All Printers Supported, CD & DVD File Backup - Burn a backup copy of your Family Tree Legends file to CD or DVD, Intelligent File System - Family Tree Legends uses a proprietary file system that virtually eliminates the possibility of your file becoming destroyed. Even if your system crashes while you're editing your data, a transactional file system protects your file from corruption.

Unfortunately Pearl Street Software abandoned its paying customers using their Family Tree Legends software when the owners put Pearl Street Software up for sale in early 2006. In 2007, MyHeritage announced that it had acquired Pearl Street Software and all its assets. Pearl Street's website is now gone. The installer will demand a CD case serial number as this was commercial software made free by the owners. The old home site downloads page said that "Family Tree Legends is now 100% FREE!" and provides a free serial number that everyone can use: 1A752-42184-B74A3-AD752."

The version here is Family Tree Legends, dated 27/07/2005. Our file to download is the last version offered before the website was taken over or changed to The program will run on Windows 32bit up to Vista, but on Vista it cannot find MSVCP60.dll. Download a selection (below) and copy MSVCP60.dll into the Family Tree Legends program directory, it should start just fine.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD Family Tree Legends DOWNLOAD MSVCP60.dll




   My Family Tree

File Size : 4.2 MB   Version :   Author : Chronoplex Software

I have not used this, but have included it as I came across it by chance and it seems packed with features, more than usual for a freebie. It doesn't appear to try to take you to a website or nag you to do searches or upgrade.

Publisher's Description from Chronoplex Software: My Family Tree is a free genealogy application for Windows. It has been carefully designed to help you quickly create your family tree using a simple and intuitive interface. For those just starting out investigating their family history, it provides an easy way to visualise and share your family tree with photos, stories and basic facts about each person. More experienced genealogists will find full support for citations and evidence and options to transfer data using the GEDCOM file format.

Features: Interactive and customisable family tree charts. Add photos, videos and attachments to each family members. Record facts and events with evidence explained citations for each person. Multilingual user interface. Trace your family's movements using the map viewer. Filter, sort and edit all family members using the data grid. View all family events in a detailed interactive timeline. Analyse family statistics on births, deaths and marriages. Print multipage family charts. Scan documents and photos directly into the family tree. Create customisable reports to share on your website. Check your data for discrepancies including ancestral loops. Relationship, phonetics and date calculators. Full support for touch screen devices. Protect your data with encryption and privacy controls. Backup your family history data to portable device. On this day feature. Full support for ANSEL and LANSEL. Import GEDCOM 5.5, 5.5.1 and 5.6 files. Export valid GEDCOM 5.5, 5.5.1 and 5.6 files. Fully accessible user interface with high contrast themes and the OpenDyslexic font. Comprehensive online help.

System requirements: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 for Windows Vista or later. Microsoft .NET 4.0 for Windows XP.

   INDEX DOWNLOAD My Family Tree 32bit DOWNLOAD My Family Tree 64bit My Family Tree WEBPAGE




   GEDCOM Validator

File Size : 1.1 MB   Version :   Author : Chronoplex Software

I like this a lot, I use it all the time and can thoroughly recommend it although you need to be quite intuitive as it is not a beginners tool. It doesn't try to take you to a website or nag you to do searches or upgrade.

Publisher's Description from Chronoplex Software: GEDCOM Validator is a tool for checking a GEDCOM file for problems which could lead to data loss when transferring files between different genealogy applications. Lots of genealogy products claim support for GEDCOM but often there are differences in the way each creates GEDCOM files. This means it is more important than ever for developers and users to be able to check GEDCOM files to ensure they adhere to the specifications correctly. Now with GEDCOM Validator, you can check your files for problems and get in depth help on fixing any issues reported.

Once you load a GEDCOM the results are generated quickly. Basic file information is displayed such as the encoding used, GEDCOM version, lines, source, program, date of creation and various individuals details. The most useful thing however, is the center list that contains errors detected in the target file. You can easily view the type of error that it's found, at which line and what exactly it represents. An in-depth explanation can be accessed in the form of a HTM page. Moreover, you can save gathered results to a text file for further analysis. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, the application gives you the possibility to select what and where to search. You can select from a large variety of errors, info messages and warnings as well as the total number of results to be displayed.

Features: Check validity of GEDCOM 5.5, 5.5.1 and 5.6 files. Detect and repair the text encoding of GEDCOM 5.x files. Search for all GEDCOM files on a device. Decode Binary Large Object (BLOB) data and save as a file. View brief statistics about your file. Search and save a list of all issues reported. File type icon for GEDCOM files. In depth online and offline help with examples showing how to fix any issues reported. Fully accessible user interface with high contrast themes and the OpenDyslexic font.

System requirements: Windows XP or later. Microsoft .NET 4.0 or later.