Bradly, Charles Cooper Horton

Birth Name Bradly, Charles Cooper Horton
Gramps ID I0347
Gender male
Age at Death 52 years, 1 month


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0870] 18 June 1817 Brixton, Surrey, , England  
Death [E0871] 18 July 1869 Edmonton, Middlesex, England  
Baptism [E0872] 26 June 1817 Westminster St Anne Soho, England  
Occupation [E0873]   Licenced Victualler


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bradly, James [I0245]
Mother Horton, Mary Ann [I0269]
    Brother     Bradly, Joseph Thomas [I0292]
    Brother     Bradly, James Edward [I0309]
         Bradly, Charles Cooper Horton [I0347]
    Brother     Bradly, George Henry [I0354]
Father Bradly, James [I0245]
Stepmother Robinson, Mary Hannah [I1176]


    Family of Bradly, Charles Cooper Horton and Drew, Elizabeth Lucretia [F0099]
Married Wife Drew, Elizabeth Lucretia [I0103]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5215] 9 September 1847 St. Georges, Camberwell, Surrey  
  1. Bradly, Charles Albert [I0386]
  2. Bradly, Alfred Joseph [I0358]
  3. Bradly, Elizabeth Emily [I0401]
  4. Bradly, Thomas [I0394]
  5. Bradly, Henry Walter [I0411]
  6. Bradly, Frederick William [I2303]
  7. Bradley, Mary Anne [I0377]


By 1851 - 44 Old St., Hoxton, Shoredich, London (Licenced Victualler)
1861 - 45 Old St., Hoxton, Shoredich, London (Licenced Victualler) ( number change)
1869 died.
The "Licence" continued in his name at the following addresses:
1871 - High Street, Stoke Newington
1876 - 9 De-foe Rd, Stoke Newington (Licenced Victualler)
1881 - 18 Brighton Rd, Hornsey, Middlesex.

Buried 26 Jul 1869 Place: St James, St Pancras, England


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483424


  1. Bradly, James [I0245]
    1. Horton, Mary Ann [I0269]
      1. Bradly, James Edward [I0309]
      2. Bradly, Joseph Thomas [I0292]
      3. Bradly, Charles Cooper Horton
        1. Drew, Elizabeth Lucretia [I0103]
          1. Bradly, Alfred Joseph [I0358]
          2. Bradley, Mary Anne [I0377]
          3. Bradly, Charles Albert [I0386]
          4. Bradly, Thomas [I0394]
          5. Bradly, Elizabeth Emily [I0401]
          6. Bradly, Henry Walter [I0411]
          7. Bradly, Frederick William [I2303]
      4. Bradly, George Henry [I0354]