Thresher, Frederick Thomas Wilkins

Birth Name Thresher, Frederick Thomas Wilkins
Gramps ID 375597826
Gender male
Age at Death 55 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0240] 1798 Salisbury, Wiltshire  
Death [E0241] 1853 Wilton, Wiltshire  
Baptism [E0242] 24 October 1798 Salisbury, Wiltshire  
Occupation [E0243]   Shoemaker and Cordwainer


    Family of Thresher, Frederick Thomas Wilkins and (Unknown), Mary Ann [11]
Unknown Partner (Unknown), Mary Ann [375597827]
  1. Thresher, Francis [375603908]
  2. Thresher, Mary Ann [375599663]
  3. Thresher, Samuel Benett [371646617]
  4. Thresher, Charles Macklin [375606733]
  5. Thresher, Albert [375598932]


Frederick was living in Stoke Newington, being an "Annuitant" in his 80's. An Annuitant was a receiver of an Annuity - An annuity is income paid to a beneficiary at regular intervals, for a fixed period or ascertainable period (usually the lifetime of a nominee) in return for a lump sum payment having been previously made into the scheme by a subscriber - i.e. a spouse, benefactor or employer, in this case probably his wealthy Grandson Samuel Benett Burt Thresher, the Wine Merchant, had funded his little empire from his families money.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483030


    1. Thresher, Frederick Thomas Wilkins
      1. (Unknown), Mary Ann [375597827]
        1. Thresher, Albert [375598932]
        2. Thresher, Mary Ann [375599663]
        3. Thresher, Francis [375603908]
        4. Thresher, Charles Macklin [375606733]
        5. Thresher, Samuel Benett [371646617]