Purslove, Vera

Birth Name Purslove, Vera
Gramps ID I0773
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Purslove, Arthur Edward [I0767]
Mother Sealey, Florence [I0768]
    Brother     Purslove, Arthur [I0769]
    Sister     Purslove, Alice [I0770]
    Brother     Purslove, John [I0771]
    Sister     Purslove, Eunice Warne [I0772]
         Purslove, Vera [I0773]
    Brother     Purslove, James [I0776]
    Brother     Purslove, Ronald [I0652]


    Family of Steel, Dudley and Purslove, Vera [F0707]
Married Husband Steel, Dudley [I0090]
    Family of Purslove, Vera and Steel, Dudley [F0725]
Unknown Partner Steel, Dudley [I0090]
  1. Steel, Robert John [I0121]


  1. Purslove, Arthur Edward [I0767]
    1. Sealey, Florence [I0768]
      1. Purslove, Arthur [I0769]
      2. Purslove, Alice [I0770]
      3. Purslove, John [I0771]
      4. Purslove, Vera
        1. Steel, Dudley [I0090]
        2. Steel, Dudley [I0090]
          1. Steel, Robert John [I0121]
      5. Purslove, James [I0776]
      6. Purslove, Ronald [I0652]
      7. Purslove, Eunice Warne [I0772]