Mcnamara, Catherine Jane

Birth Name Mcnamara, Catherine Jane
Nick Name Queenie
Gramps ID I1161
Gender female
Age at Death 52 years, 5 months, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2793] 13 July 1897 Shirley, CROYDON Surrey England  
Death [E2794] 1950    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mcnamara, John [I1426]
Mother Hayward, Mary Jane [I1425]
    Brother     Mcnamara, John Endicott [I1427]
    Brother     Mcnamara, Leonard [I1428]
    Brother     Mcnamara, Norman [I1429]
         Mcnamara, Catherine Jane [I1161]


    Family of Brazier, George and Mcnamara, Catherine Jane [F0450]
Unknown Partner Brazier, George [I1043]
  1. Brazier, June Mary [I1162]
  2. Brazier, David [I1163]


They were never married, and met at work in E.T.Parkers Auctioneers in Bristol. George was the Company Driver, Catherine was nanny to the Parkers children. Catherine taught George to swim. When he caught Pneumonia as a result, she nursed him and they became partners. Catherine died of Cancer.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484731


  1. Mcnamara, John [I1426]
    1. Hayward, Mary Jane [I1425]
      1. Mcnamara, Norman [I1429]
      2. Mcnamara, John Endicott [I1427]
      3. Mcnamara, Leonard [I1428]
      4. Mcnamara, Catherine Jane
        1. Brazier, George [I1043]
          1. Brazier, June Mary [I1162]
          2. Brazier, David [I1163]