Brazier, George

Birth Name Brazier, George
Gramps ID I1043
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5030] 12 June 1894 Highwood, Chelmsford, Essex  
Baptism [E5031] 9 September 1894 Highwood, Chelmsford, Essex  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brazier, Walter Robert [374129827]
Mother Gladden, Rosa [374129828]
    Sister     Brazier, Ethel Rose [I1041]
         Brazier, George [I1043]
    Brother     Brazier, Cecil Robert [I1044]
    Brother     Brazier, Samuel Walter [373946812]


    Family of Brazier, George and Stodgell, Elizabeth Annie [F0377]
Unknown Partner Stodgell, Elizabeth Annie [I1160]
    Family of Brazier, George and Mcnamara, Catherine Jane [F0450]
Unknown Partner Mcnamara, Catherine Jane [I1161]
  1. Brazier, June Mary [I1162]
  2. Brazier, David [I1163]


George was a WW1 Army Conscript, shot in the leg and was interned as a POW in Germany un til the war was over. After the war he worked as a Driver at Coptford Hall in Chelmsford, Essex. He was asked to drive an unknown Woman to Southampton so that she could board a ship to Emigrate. She gave him the car and he went to Bristol in search of relative that lived there. Later in life George married Elizabeth and died in Bristol of a complications from a fall.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633486106


  1. Brazier, Walter Robert [374129827]
    1. Gladden, Rosa [374129828]
      1. Brazier, Samuel Walter [373946812]
      2. Brazier, Ethel Rose [I1041]
      3. Brazier, George
        1. Stodgell, Elizabeth Annie [I1160]
        2. Mcnamara, Catherine Jane [I1161]
          1. Brazier, June Mary [I1162]
          2. Brazier, David [I1163]
      4. Brazier, Cecil Robert [I1044]