Waskett, George

Birth Name Waskett, George
Gramps ID I2182
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2002] 1796 Leaden Roothing, Dunmow, Essex  
Baptism [E2003] 13 March 1796 Leaden Roding, Essex  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Waskett, George [I1932]
Mother Unknown, Mary [I1931]
    Brother     Waskett, Thomas [I1933]
    Sister     Waskett, Elizabeth [I2174]
    Brother     Waskett, William [I2178]
    Brother     Waskett, Peter [I2180]
    Sister     Waskett, Mary [I2181]
         Waskett, George [I2182]
    Brother     Waskett, John [I1750]


    Family of Waskett, George and Unknown, Mary [F0692]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Mary [I2183]
  1. Waskett, George [I2179]
  2. Waskett, Eliza [I2184]
  3. Waskett, Emma [I2185]
  4. Waskett, Phoebe [I2187]
  5. Waskett, Susan [I2188]
  6. Waskett, John [I2189]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484240


  1. Waskett, George [I1932]
    1. Unknown, Mary [I1931]
      1. Waskett, William [I2178]
      2. Waskett, Elizabeth [I2174]
      3. Waskett, Thomas [I1933]
      4. Waskett, Peter [I2180]
      5. Waskett, Mary [I2181]
      6. Waskett, John [I1750]
      7. Waskett, George
        1. Unknown, Mary [I2183]
          1. Waskett, Eliza [I2184]
          2. Waskett, Emma [I2185]
          3. Waskett, Phoebe [I2187]
          4. Waskett, Susan [I2188]
          5. Waskett, John [I2189]
          6. Waskett, George [I2179]