Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey

Birth Name Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey
Nick Name Hyatt-Bremridge
Gramps ID I0046
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 10 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0570] 1 April 1853 HAMPTON Middlesex England  
Death [E0571] 1 February 1931 Bedford St Mary, Bedfordshire, England  
Baptism [E0572] 2 January 1859 Hampton St Mary, Middlesex, England  
Occupation [E0573]   Glass Cutter, Gardener, Florist


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bremridge, Robert [377641899]
Mother Chasey, Eliza Hester (Or Easter) [377641900]
    Brother     Bremridge, Robert [377642464]
    Brother     Bremridge, Walter [377642823]
    Sister     Bremridge, Eliza [377642884]
    Brother     Bremridge, Albert [377642956]
    Brother     Bremridge, Henry [377642999]
    Brother     Bremridge, George Chasey [377643157]
    Sister     Bremridge, Emily [377643223]
         Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey [I0046]


    Family of Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey and Harlow, Annie [50]
Unknown Partner Harlow, Annie [378211665]
  1. Bremridge, Lillian A [I1611]
  2. Bremridge, Francis M [I1612]
  3. Bremridge, Ethel M [I1613]
    Family of Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey and Peak, Deborah Charlotte [F0047]
Unknown Partner Peak, Deborah Charlotte [I0055]
  1. Hyatt-Bremridge, Ivy Emily [372963479]


Thomas and Annie lived at 2 Ivy Cottage, Stonebridge, Willesden with their children up until possibly 1900, when Thomas left to be with Deborah Hyatt. No trace in 1891 census.
There is no marriage that I can find recorded for Thomas and Deborah. Maude Hyatt (1882) and William Hyatt (1883) were living with Thomas Bremridge (deborah's second partner) by 1901 at 154 markfield rd, Tottenham.
I have found confusion with one Hugh Bumridge. His name appears after Thomas's on one census record as Deborah's husband, but this must be incorrect as the previous record shows Thomas... although it is quite plausible that Thomas Hugh Bremridge changed his name to Hugh Bumridge and that Deborah never actually divorced William Hyatt and that Thomas never divorced Annie Harlow!

In the 1911 census, they are living at 43 Gladstone road, Bedford, and were down as being married for 15 years. Deborahs birth year has changed to 1861, but everything else matches. Maude is listed as a boarder, and William is married.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483254


  1. Bremridge, Robert [377641899]
    1. Chasey, Eliza Hester (Or Easter) [377641900]
      1. Bremridge, George Chasey [377643157]
      2. Bremridge, Emily [377643223]
      3. Bremridge, Robert [377642464]
      4. Bremridge, Walter [377642823]
      5. Bremridge, Eliza [377642884]
      6. Bremridge, Albert [377642956]
      7. Bremridge, Henry [377642999]
      8. Bremridge, Thomas Hugh Chasey
        1. Harlow, Annie [378211665]
          1. Bremridge, Lillian A [I1611]
          2. Bremridge, Francis M [I1612]
          3. Bremridge, Ethel M [I1613]
        2. Peak, Deborah Charlotte [I0055]
          1. Hyatt-Bremridge, Ivy Emily [372963479]