Lean, Sarah Ann 1

Birth Name Lean, Sarah Ann
Nick Name Sarah Annie
Gramps ID I2326
Gender female
Age at Death 85 years, 5 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5097] 1854 Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Australia  
Death [E5098] 13 June 1939 Kew, Melbourne, Australia  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lean, Robert May [I2327]
Mother Payne, Elizabeth Emma [I2328]
         Lean, Sarah Ann [I2326]


    Family of Newbury, Charles Hyatt and Lean, Sarah Ann [F1105]
Married Husband Newbury, Charles Hyatt [I2324]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5627] 13 May 1875 10 Grant street, Emerald Hili, Victoria, Australia  
  1. Newbury, Minnie [I2336]
  2. Newbury, Maud [I2337]
  3. Newbury, Carrie [I2338]
  4. Newbury, Dollie [I2339]
  5. Newbury, Charles [I2330]
  6. Newbury, Ada [I2329]
  7. Newbury, Harold [I2331]
  8. Newbury, Robert [I2332]


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Sarah Ann LEAN was born at Emerald Hill, Melbourne, in 1854 - parents Robert LEAN and Elizabeth Emma nee PAYNE. Sarah married Charles Hyatt NEWBURY in 1875.

Their children that I know about, all born in Melbourne, I think, were Charles (1876), Ada (1878), Harold (1882) and Robert (1886). I'd love to know about any of their children/grandchildren etc, as they would be my distant cousins. I'm descended from Sarah's brother James.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 634975381


  1. Lean, Robert May [I2327]
    1. Payne, Elizabeth Emma [I2328]
      1. Lean, Sarah Ann
        1. Newbury, Charles Hyatt [I2324]
          1. Newbury, Ada [I2329]
          2. Newbury, Charles [I2330]
          3. Newbury, Harold [I2331]
          4. Newbury, Robert [I2332]
          5. Newbury, Minnie [I2336]
          6. Newbury, Maud [I2337]
          7. Newbury, Carrie [I2338]
          8. Newbury, Dollie [I2339]


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