Glass, Edith Vaughan

Birth Name Glass, Edith Vaughan
Gramps ID I0250
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 1 month, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E4716] 10 June 1876 Clapton, Middlesex, England  
Death [E4717] 1 August 1960 Waltham Abbey, Poplar, Essex  
Baptism [E4718] 14 April 1891 Holy Trinity, Dalston, Hackney, Middlesex  
Occupation [E4719]   Dress & Shirt Machinist (textiles)


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Glass, George [I0124]
Mother Butcher, Lucy [I0093]
    Sister     Glass, Ellen Louise [I0131]
    Brother     Glass, Claud [I0163]
    Brother     Glass, George [I0178]
    Sister     Glass, Florence Ida [I0202]
    Brother     Glass, Herbert Bertie [I0217]
    Sister     Glass, Mary Ann [I0229]
    Brother     Glass, Sidney J [I0231]
         Glass, Edith Vaughan [I0250]
    Brother     Glass, Albert Victor [I0256]
    Sister     Glass, Maud Sarah [I0271]
Father Glass, George [I0124]
Stepmother Conner, Elizabeth [I1572]
    Half-sister     Glass, Elizabeth [I1573]


    Family of Hyatt, George Bernard and Glass, Edith Vaughan [F0185]
Married Husband Hyatt, George Bernard [I0475]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5552] 20 June 1912 St Marks, Dalston, Hackney, Middlesex  
  1. Hyatt, Bernard George Arthur [I0500]
  2. Hyatt, Ruth [I0503]


Baptised aged 15yrs, Died q3 1968, Born June 1876.

(beware of mixing up with another Edith Glass born April 1877 to Samuel & Elizabeth Glass, in Westminster, Middlesex, England. This is NOT the same person).

Death recorded as Edith V Hyams, 1960 q3 BMD Epping Vol 5a Page 72.

Her middle name of Vaughan is Welsh in derivation, reason unknown?


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633485902


  1. Glass, George [I0124]
    1. Butcher, Lucy [I0093]
      1. Glass, George [I0178]
      2. Glass, Mary Ann [I0229]
      3. Glass, Ellen Louise [I0131]
      4. Glass, Edith Vaughan
        1. Hyatt, George Bernard [I0475]
          1. Hyatt, Bernard George Arthur [I0500]
          2. Hyatt, Ruth [I0503]
      5. Glass, Herbert Bertie [I0217]
      6. Glass, Maud Sarah [I0271]
      7. Glass, Florence Ida [I0202]
      8. Glass, Sidney J [I0231]
      9. Glass, Albert Victor [I0256]
      10. Glass, Claud [I0163]