Feldmar, Graham L

Birth Name Feldmar, Graham L
Gramps ID I1785
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Feldmar, Louis Theodore [371695909]
Mother Springett, Dorothy R [I1782]
         Feldmar, Graham L [I1785]
Father Feldmar, Louis Theodore [371695909]
Stepmother Hyatt, Jean Elizabeth Mary [371695784]
    Half-sister     Feldmar, Sara Jane [I1780]
Stepfather Hyatt, Jean Elizabeth Mary [371695784]
Stepmother Feldmar, Louis Theodore [371695909]


    Family of Feldmar, Graham L and Watkins, Caroline M [F0592]
Married Wife Watkins, Caroline M [I1786]


  1. Feldmar, Louis Theodore [371695909]
    1. Springett, Dorothy R [I1782]
      1. Feldmar, Graham L
        1. Watkins, Caroline M [I1786]