Whiffin, John Robert

Birth Name Whiffin, John Robert
Gramps ID 374037254
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0165] about 1820 Unknown  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Whiffin, George [374037129]
Mother Westbrook, Ann [374037200]
         Whiffin, John Robert [374037254]
    Sister     Whiffin, Rebecca [374037315]
    Sister     Whiffin, Mary [374037374]


    Family of Whiffin, John Robert and Bramhill, Jane [142]
Unknown Partner Bramhill, Jane [382346971]
  1. Whiffin, Mary [382348294]
  2. Whiffin, John [382347224]


This John may not be a son of George, but he is on the census living with his family. This marriage is an educated guess, need to verify it is our John Whiffin.
Spouse name: Jane Bramhill
Place of marriage: Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London, England
Date of marriage: 21 Mar 1856
Divorced: No

Also living with them in 1881 at Golden Lion St, Aldersgate, was an Elizabeth Allen, a Paper Gum Labeller. She was their the childrens Aunt. She was a Widow, born in 1814, St James, Westminster. She must be married to a yet unknown Allen sibling?


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633482981


  1. Whiffin, George [374037129]
    1. Westbrook, Ann [374037200]
      1. Whiffin, John Robert
        1. Bramhill, Jane [382346971]
          1. Whiffin, John [382347224]
          2. Whiffin, Mary [382348294]
      2. Whiffin, Rebecca [374037315]
      3. Whiffin, Mary [374037374]