Gardner, John

Birth Name Gardner, John
Gramps ID I2120
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3069] 1760 Sherborne, Dorset  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gardner, William [I1900]
Mother (Mother), (Unknown) [I1901]
    Sister     Gardner, Mary [I1902]
    Sister     Gardner, Ann [I1904]
    Sister     Gardner, Susannah [I1905]
    Brother     Gardner, Jonathon [I1907]
         Gardner, John [I2120]


    Family of Gardner, John and Sawyer, Elizabeth [F0617]
Unknown Partner Sawyer, Elizabeth [I2121]
  1. Gardner, Rachel [I0151]
  2. Gardner, Alice [I1891]
  3. Gardner, Susanna [I1892]
  4. Gardner, John [I1880]
  5. Gardner, Elizabeth [I1898]
  6. Gardner, Samuel [I1897]
  7. Gardner, John [I1896]
  8. Gardner, William [I1895]
  9. Gardner, Bridgett [I1893]
  10. Gardner, Susanna [I1899]


By the age of 81 in 1841 he was living at room 954, the Almshouses, Sherborne.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484913


  1. Gardner, William [I1900]
    1. (Mother), (Unknown) [I1901]
      1. Gardner, Ann [I1904]
      2. Gardner, Mary [I1902]
      3. Gardner, John
        1. Sawyer, Elizabeth [I2121]
          1. Gardner, Rachel [I0151]
          2. Gardner, John [I1880]
          3. Gardner, Alice [I1891]
          4. Gardner, Susanna [I1892]
          5. Gardner, Bridgett [I1893]
          6. Gardner, William [I1895]
          7. Gardner, John [I1896]
          8. Gardner, Samuel [I1897]
          9. Gardner, Elizabeth [I1898]
          10. Gardner, Susanna [I1899]
      4. Gardner, Susannah [I1905]
      5. Gardner, Jonathon [I1907]