Lezoli, Marieta A

Birth Name Lezoli, Marieta A
Nick Name Mary
Gramps ID I1859
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2989] 1869 Genoa, Italy  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lezoli, John L [I1857]
Mother Unknown, Madeline [I1867]
         Lezoli, Marieta A [I1859]


    Family of Walton, Ludolph and Lezoli, Marieta A [F0607]
Married Husband Walton, Ludolph [I1848]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5574] 1892 New York, NY, USA  
  1. Walton, Elizabeth [I1864]
  2. Walton, Madaline [I1868]
  3. Walton, Victor [I1869]
  4. Walton, Catherine [I1871]
  5. Walton, Theodore [I1873]
  6. Walton, Mary [I1861]
  7. Walton, Rudolph [I1860]
  8. Walton, Joseph [I1862]
  9. Walton, Andrew [I1863]
  10. Walton, John [I1865]
  11. Walton, Maude Victoria [I1872]


Arrived in the USA in 1888 from Italy, where her parents stayed.

Mary, Wife, b February 1870, 30, married 8 years, mother to 6 children, all living, born Italy, parents born Italy, to USA 1888


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484857


  1. Lezoli, John L [I1857]
    1. Unknown, Madeline [I1867]
      1. Lezoli, Marieta A
        1. Walton, Ludolph [I1848]
          1. Walton, Rudolph [I1860]
          2. Walton, Mary [I1861]
          3. Walton, Joseph [I1862]
          4. Walton, Andrew [I1863]
          5. Walton, Elizabeth [I1864]
          6. Walton, John [I1865]
          7. Walton, Madaline [I1868]
          8. Walton, Victor [I1869]
          9. Walton, Catherine [I1871]
          10. Walton, Maude Victoria [I1872]
          11. Walton, Theodore [I1873]