(Mother), Catherine

Birth Name (Mother), Catherine
Gramps ID I0282
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0828] 1861 Scotland  


    Family of Crine, Thomas Joseph and (Mother), Catherine [F0257]
Unknown Partner Crine, Thomas Joseph [I0270]
  1. Crine, Albert [I0327]
  2. Crine, Thomas [I0342]
  3. Crine, Mary [I0367]
  4. Crine, Eva Catherine [I0305]
  5. Crine, James Oswald [I0266]
  6. Crine, Vincent [I0032]
  7. Crine, Leonard [I0290]
  8. Crine, Mabel Jane [I0300]
  9. Crine, Winnifred [I0303]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483400


    1. (Mother), Catherine
      1. Crine, Thomas Joseph [I0270]
        1. Crine, Leonard [I0290]
        2. Crine, Mabel Jane [I0300]
        3. Crine, Winnifred [I0303]
        4. Crine, Eva Catherine [I0305]
        5. Crine, Albert [I0327]
        6. Crine, Thomas [I0342]
        7. Crine, Mary [I0367]
        8. Crine, Vincent [I0032]
        9. Crine, James Oswald [I0266]