Glass, Elizabeth Mary

Birth Name Glass, Elizabeth Mary
Gramps ID I0403
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Glass, Albert [I0053]
Mother Merritt, Elsie Eliza [I0362]
    Brother     Glass, Albert John [I0365]
    Brother     Glass, Edward [I0373]
         Glass, Elizabeth Mary [I0403]
    Sister     Glass, Mabel Doreen [I0413]
    Brother     Glass, Henry Charles Noel [I0414]


    Family of Thomas, John and Glass, Elizabeth Mary [459]
Unknown Partner Thomas, John [378888744]
  1. Thomas, Jane [378888786]
  2. Thomas, David [378888822]


  1. Glass, Albert [I0053]
    1. Merritt, Elsie Eliza [I0362]
      1. Glass, Albert John [I0365]
      2. Glass, Edward [I0373]
      3. Glass, Elizabeth Mary
        1. Thomas, John [378888744]
          1. Thomas, Jane [378888786]
          2. Thomas, David [378888822]
      4. Glass, Mabel Doreen [I0413]
      5. Glass, Henry Charles Noel [I0414]