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[DIR] Threshers wine/ 27-06-2010 23:52   412K   The history and demise of Threshers wine stores
[DIR] Cashmore/ 17-01-2013 21:22   5.4M   Our notes for the Birmingham Cashmore family of Gunsmiths
[DIR] Kingsford William Brand 17-01-2013 21:22   467K   Our notes for Kingsford William Brand and his family
[DIR] George Hyatt and Selina divorced/     23-06-2010 18:27   3.3M   Copies of the original divorce papers and orders

[IMG] Charles Booth's report.jpg 23-06-2010 18:23   127K    B352 p173 Cabinet workshops in Hoxton Square May 1898 (1)
[IMG] Charles Booth's report.jpg 23-06-2010 18:24   118K    B352 p173 Cabinet workshops in Hoxton Square May 1898 (2)
[TXT] Hyatt Trimming Company.txt 27-01-2013 15:02   4K   The history of A & W Hyatt, Trimming manufacturer, 1740-1974
[DOC] Hyatt, Selina and Henry.doc 25-06-2010 12:57   46K   Document relating to the Freemasons
[TXT] Hyatt name.txt 12-07-2010 15:35   1.6K   Notes and data anon the Hyatt name
[TXT] Hyatt, Barbados.txt 25-06-2010 13:02   1.6K   Notes and refereces to Hyatt in Barbados and the West Indies
[IMG] Hyatt, Sarah.jpg 23-06-2010 18:23   366K   Intestate will, The Legal Observer, Or, Journal of Jurisprudence, may to oct 1839

[TXT] Portal family.html 25-06-2010 13:21   88K   A family tree of the Portal family inc. Hyatt
[TXT] Santler family.html 25-06-2010 13:21   45K   A family tree of the Santler family inc. Hyatt
[TXT] Hyatt, Corsley.RTF 25-06-2010 13:05   79K   The Hyatt line from Corsley, Somerset (NOT related)
[PDF] Varder family.pdf 14-09-2010 16:56   331K   A family tree of the Varder family inc. Hyatt

[TXT] 1823 Sherborne Directory.txt 27-06-2010 23:48   7.9K   A trade directory from Sherborne, Dorset, 1823
[TXT] 1835 Sherborne Directory.txt 27-06-2010 23:48   16K   Robsons Directory from Sherborne, Dorset, 1835
[TXT] Sherborne Notes.txt 08-07-2010 19:23   15K   Sherborne Dorset Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales, Circa 1870
[TXT] Warwick House, Carshalton.txt 25-06-2010 12:52   1.3K   Former residence of G. R. Forster
[IMG] William Waskett.png 23-06-2010 18:23   76K   Paid a premium by the Essex Agricultural Society, 1801

[IMG] Rev. Charles Hyatt Portrait.JPG 23-06-2010 18:23   20K   A hand drawn portrait from 1821
[IMG] Rev. Charles Hyatt Death.jpg 23-06-2010 18:23   26K   Death notice, The Baptist reporter and missionary intelligencer, Volume 20, 1846
[DOC] Rev. Charles Hyatt Lease.doc 25-06-2010 13:16   25K   Lease of premises for a shoe workshop, 1883

[IMG] Rev. John Hyatt Obit.JPG 23-06-2010 18:23   109K   Obituary, Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22, Howard Kenneth
[PDF] Rev. John Hyatt notes.pdf 23-06-2010 18:28   435K   Notes from The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary
[IMG] Rev. John Hyatt portrait.jpg 23-06-2010 18:23   26K   A hand drawn portrait from 1850
[IMG] Rev. John Hyatt memoir.jpg 25-06-2010 12:51   139K   A memoir by William Morrisson
[IMG] Rev. John Hyatt refs.jpg 23-06-2010 18:24   86K   Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Eastburn, By Ashbel Green
[TXT] Rev. John Hyatt general.txt 25-06-2010 13:00   1.5K   Background notes

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